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  October 2007  

Candy Dulfer Interview Page 4

CD:  Ahaha, I will say that.  Yeah, he really did.  He’s the producer and programmed everything, played all the keyboards and all the other instruments, and he’s really somebody who likes to wander past the studio and go like “Oh, this is maybe a nice idea and then I want to go out again and do other fun things.”  And some people have to stay in after work and I’m so glad that I have Thomas to do that and has the energy and the patience for that.  That’s really a tough job, all the programming, sitting there, thinking of the arrangement, getting all the musicians in, making them comfortable.  Thomas also recorded everything, so that’s a double job and, yeah, he did a great job.  I’m very proud of him.

Jazz Monthly:  Absolutely.  Well, Candy, let’s see, the record’s release date?

CD:  Yes, it’s going to be out on September 18th in the States, but it’s out in Europe and Japan already.

Jazz Monthly:   Cool.  Well, I will say to anyone, if you want some sweet funky groove, you’ve gotta come to Candy’s store.

CD:  Well, thank you for this advertisement.  We love that.

Jazz Monthly:   Yes indeed, and thank you so much for putting together such a wonderful project and my hat’s off to you, your entire band, your entire team, because you really put something great together, and I think you’re gonna love working with Dave Love.  He’s a great guy and they have a well-oiled machine over there at Heads Up.

CD:  Yeah, they do.  They work really hard and the funny thing is I tell everybody this:  I’ve never had a boss of a record company that was so involved with the whole process.  It’s ridiculous.  I can send him an e-mail like on Sunday night my time eight o’clock or whatever or in the morning here and it’s the middle of the night there, and without fail I get an e-mail back in like three minutes, and I think that’s incredible.  I told the studio guys in the office and I said “Does Dave Love ever sleep?”  And they said “No.”  (Both laugh.)  Well, for them it might be harder, but for me it’s just heaven because I used to work with record companies, and some of them were really nice and did great things for me, but it’s almost like you have two goals.  The record company wants to do this and the musician wants to do that, and that’s how it is in life, but it just seems with Heads Up that we’re much more working together for the same goal and that everybody’s a little bit more in love with music than the regular record company.

Jazz Monthly:   Yes.  Well, I think you’ve scored a hit on all levels in everything you’ve done this year, and congratulations on everything that you’re doing, and I certainly look forward to seeing you when you come to the States.

CD:  Well, thank you so much.  I look forward to seeing you and thanks for saying all these nice things about our record.  (Laughs.)

Jazz Monthly:   You are so welcome.  All right, we’ve been talking with the incredible Ms. Candy Dulfer.  Her new record is called Candy Store and, trust me, the title is totally appropriate.  You will love this new record.  Candy, thanks so much, all the very best to you in 2007 and beyond, my friend.

CD:  Same to you, same to you.  Thank you very much.