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  December 2008  

Curtis Haywood Interview Page 4

Jazz Monthly:  Yeah, man, that’s sweet.

CH:  So right now I’m trying to get this Masters program under my belt as quick as I can because I’m not gonna be able to do it once I start hitting the road full-time, which I’m aggressively seeking to make my presence known out on the West Coast.  I went out there back in August and I was gratefully enough to be able to play at Spaghettini’s, which is the really hot spot out in the Valley, so right now I’m hitting both coasts.  I’ve got a little East Coast in there, the New England area, Boston, and Hartford.  They have this thing out there called Organic Soul.  It’s a radio station out there that’s promoting the Tri-State area out there.  And like I said, I’m really trying to make my presence known in the jazz festivals.  Out in California they have them—they’re a dime a dozen out there.

So the whole plan of action was to get to put a solid enough project together that it would break airwaves, that it would catch people’s ear, and then hit the ground where, as they talked about Obama, to do the grass roots, to get the grass roots following, so I’m basically trying to hit it from both ends of the pendulum and let the album hit the airwaves and let it do what it do, so to speak, on the airwaves and then I would hit the ground and then try to back it up.

Jazz Monthly: Well, I will say this, man, you are well on your way.  You have a great history, a great album, and I see a very bright future for you in the music business because you bring your heart with the horn and that is so key to success in this business, and I really appreciate what you’ve done, congratulate you on this great record, and I hope we get back together soon and talk some more about the music and about music therapy.  I really look forward to doing that.

CH:  Yeah, I really do and I’ve listened to hundreds and hundreds of interviews of musicians over the years and obviously I’m not gonna name any names or anything, but I always sat there just kind of wanting more in terms of conversation.  They were phenomenal musicians, but I just, like you, I love people, I love to talk, love to laugh, and I’m really hoping that that will endear the public to drag them into my world.

Jazz Monthly:  Well, I totally think so, I really do, because there’s such a huge gravitational pull to that kind of vibe, which is why I really think you’re gonna be successful, and I feel like you already have been but I think greater success awaits you, so just keep doing your thing, keep your flava strong, and keep making great music, my friend.

CH:  I appreciate it.  I really do appreciate it.

Jazz Monthly:  Yes indeed.  We’ve been talking with Curtis Haywood, a great new album, it is self-titled, and I must say it is the epitome of the universal language of music because it has something there for every audience and I highly recommend this album.  Curtis, once again, thank you so much for spending some time with The Smitty and keep doing your thing, man, and all the best to you in 2009 and beyond, my friend.

CH:  I thank you so much, Smitty, for giving ear to a new voice and I really, really do appreciate the time and the effort and the space on your page.




Baldwin “Smitty” Smith