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  December 2008  
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Jazz Monthly:  Yeah, and 10 a.m. is my reflective time.

EJ:  Right.

Jazz Monthly:  And so I reflect on the past week and then I’m looking to what’s happening the coming week, so it’s my reflective time.

EJ:  Sure.

Jazz Monthly:  Yeah, it’s a special time.  And “Get With It,” whoo!  I’m loving “Get With It.”  I love the title and the track.  (Both laugh.)

EJ:  Well, man, I have to say that “Get With It,” out of all the tracks that we play live, I get more feedback from the crowd, and we get a joy playing it because that’s the song that I typically go and work the crowd and, man, the female population, man, they just really love it.  That’s the signature concert song right there, “Get With It.”

Jazz Monthly: Yeah, you gotta have one of those too and, man, you’ve got to have one to work the crowd.  (Both laugh.)  That is a sweet track.  And you did some fantastic covers, “Voyage to Atlantis,” the Isley song.

EJ:  Sure.

Jazz Monthly: And I love your composition of that, and I love the Lionel Richie song “Hello.” Great choice!

EJ:  “Hello,” yeah.

Jazz Monthly:  You know, I’m trying to think if a sax player’s ever done that and I don’t recall one, so I thought that was purely unique and great.

EJ:  Yeah, I don’t remember it being covered and it just so happened that I was just driving one day and the song came on the radio and it just brought back memories of the 80s when that song came out and I thought, wow, this is one that we can put our hands on it and see what happens.  So far it’s been great, man.

Jazz Monthly:  Yeah, fantastic.  You made such a great selection of tracks and I’m sure you had a ton to work with because I know Wayman.

EJ:  Right.

Jazz Monthly:  I’m sure he threw some tracks at you and I’m sure you threw some at him, but I think between the two of you, you really came up with some fantastic stuff.  And you’ve gotta talk to me about Preston Glass and what he did and what he contributed to this great project because it’s fantastic.

EJ:  Oh, sure.  Preston Glass, I mean, that name is one of the top producer/songwriters that’s in the industry even today, man.  From the likes of Aretha Franklin to Kenny G, George Benson, Earth, Wind & Fire, I mean, the list goes on and on, and being able to have him on this project, I was blown away when I found out that he was definitely interested, so he actually co-produced the “Hello” track and then we did a remake of Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You,” and so the remix track was produced by Preston and so just having him to be a part of it, man, was just definitely a blessing.

Jazz Monthly:  Yes indeed, man, and he really rocked it with these two.  I mean, these are two great covers that he really put a very, very funky spin on which I love.

EJ:  Yeah, so it’s been an honor.

Jazz Monthly:  And what I felt here was he did this with you in mind because he could’ve done this a million different ways.

EJ:  Right.

Jazz Monthly:  And only Preston Glass can do that, but he really did this with you in mind, which I think is very cool when a producer can do something like that.

EJ:  Yeah, absolutely, man, and having had a chance to listen to some of the project himself, he at least had a chance to get my sound and live with that for a while, so when it came time for him to produce the two tracks, he knew exactly what was going to be a good fit for us and our style, so I was very pleased that he was able to put that much time into it and the end result are the two tracks that we’re definitely getting a positive response on.

Jazz Monthly:  Absolutely, so props to him, man.  And I love the artwork.  Wow, this is a great package.  I mean, the music we know is there.

EJ:  Sure.

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