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  December 2008  

Eldredge Jackson Interview Page 4

Jazz Monthly:  But the artwork is fantastic.  I love the artwork on the disc itself.  That’s some sweet designing.  Whoever did that is just sweet.

EJ:  Oh sure, well, thank you, thank you.  Glad you like it.

Jazz Monthly:  This is a very inviting package to really dig into and once you’re there, you know you’ve got something.  It’s really cool.  So talk to me about what you’re up to now.  What’s happening?

EJ:  Well, we just finished a show in Dallas at the Brooklyn Jazz Café promoting the national release of the Listening Pleasure CD, and then we’re gonna be in the Houston area November 1st at the Red Cat Jazz Café and so we’re looking forward to that show, and we’re doing a show in Oklahoma City, having a concert there, so we’re basically tapping into the other markets and just getting the CD out and having a chance to promote it, man, so we’re excited about what’s going on.  We just came off of the Soul Food tour with Peabo Bryson and The Whispers, and so we had a chance to even kick off earlier this summer with the project, so it’s been a great year for us.

Jazz Monthly:  Wow, man, so you’re a busy guy, the record is out, now how can people get the record?

EJ:  Well, what they can do is actually check their local retail stores there and then they can always go online to my Web site,, and that would give them more information on how to obtain a copy of the CD, and I would love for the listeners to reply via e-mail and let me know their thoughts, and we look forward to everyone enjoying the CD.

Jazz Monthly:  All right, very cool.  Well, Eldredge, big ups to you.  I really love what you’ve done with this great project and I certainly look forward to the next one because this is the kind of record that makes you look forward to the next project.  It’s that good, my friend.

EJ:  Hey, well, thank you so much and it’s been an honor having the chance to visit with you.

Jazz Monthly:  All right, we’ve been talking with Eldredge Jackson.  His great new record is called Listening Pleasure and trust me, it is a very fitting title because there are just some fantastic tracks here that will certainly lend themselves to your listening pleasure.  Eldredge, thanks again, my friend, and all the best to you with this great record and your career, my friend.

EJ:  Thank you again.  Thank you so much.


Baldwin “Smitty” Smith