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JJ: When Tim and I started talking about doing a project, most of my background and training had all been in straight ahead jazz. I had never really sung pop or R&B or anything other than standards and straight ahead and bop. So when we started talking about doing the project, we weren’t really sure what it was gonna be. We got in the studio that first session and that’s when we did “Sunshine Away” and “Crystal Blue Persuasion,” just kinda testing the waters to see what felt right, and from that session on Tim started writing things more in the direction of sorta that Adult Contemporary/Smooth Jazz/R&B, you know, Steely Dan, Sade, Al Jarreau type vibe. And then there’s a couple of other songs that are on the record that are things that Tim had written in years past and kinda had them just catalogued that we tried and we liked the way they sounded too. So there is kind of a wide range of stuff on the CD, and I know we’re starting a new one very soon and we’re gonna try and pick more of a focus this time, but it really was about recording what we thought sounded good and what we liked, and putting it in an order on the record so it had a flow, but as you said, it does cover sort of a wide span.

Smitty:  Yes it does.

JJ:  And we kinda pushed it just a little, almost to where we couldn’t go any farther.

Smitty:  It’s a beautiful blend when you’ve got a great songwriter and a great singer. It’s just a wonderful combination.

JJ:  It just seemed to work out. I mean, they all seemed to fit together.

Smitty:  Yes. When I look at the song titles and when I listen to the lyrics, I wonder:  can Jill be telling us about her personal life or is this sort of  snippets of your life’s experiences?

jill jenson
JJ:  Some of them, yeah, for instance, the song “Butterfly”? I love the lyrics to that one.  That was the first time I’ve ever done that, and that is kind of about me, it’s about a transformation, it’s about believing in yourself, it’s about letting go. That one definitely….and little pieces and parts of some of the other songs too. A couple of the songs, like “Little World” or the cover of “Crystal Blue Persuasion,” those are more about the state of the world, about peace, about things that are on my mind in that area. Some of the songs are love songs about looking for love or losing love ….and I think everybody can relate to those. So certainly there’s parts of me in those songs too.

Smitty: When you’re talking about things that are close to you and personal to you in your music, does that allow you to go to a different level and what’s that like?

JJ:  Sometimes, yeah. There were certainly times in the studio where once I knew the song well enough, I could kinda let go and not worry about making sure every word was right, making sure every phrase was what I thought was right, and just kinda let go.  Those are ultimately the tracks that we ended up keeping. The way we recorded the record, part of the time I didn’t know the song before I came out to the studio, so I would learn the song in the studio while we recorded it, and then I would go away and listen to the song and come back maybe in the evening or the next day and cut it again, so sometimes it would take a day or two for me to be at that point where I could get in there and let go ‘cause I knew the song. But definitely there are times when I’d be done singing that perhaps I didn’t realize that I was in a different place until I was done with the song and I’d kinda step back and went “Oh, okay.  I guess I left myself a little bit there for a while and was really in the song.”

Smitty:  Yeah.

JJ:  But usually on ballads that, yeah.

Smitty:  Oh cool. I think it’s a great record, I love the songs, I love your voice, and the whole interpretation of the songs are just wonderfully mixed, and I wonder how can people get the record because people should hear this great record?

JJ:  Well, they can get it at your nice online store,, it’s also available at

Smitty:  Very cool!

JJ: It’s available on iTunes and all the download sites,, and they can find it in stores. They can also go to my Web site and I have links and information on my Web site.

Smitty:  Okay, and give us your Web address.


Smitty: Jill, I must congratulate you on this great record and certainly wish you the best with it, I think your voice should be heard, and we certainly hope that this gets into the hands of people, especially those that are aspiring to make a change and jump to the music world, and keep making some great music, and I applaud you for what you’ve done because you’ve taken some giant leaps in your life and you’ve produced a great product with this great record self-titled Jill Jenson.

JJ:  Thank you very much.

Smitty:  All right.  We’ve been talking with Jill Jenson.  She’s has release her debut CD and its self-titled. Please pick this one up, it’s a great record, some wonderful songs, and if you like cross-genre music, she’s crossed them all and blended them very well.  Jill, thanks again and please come see us again.

JJ: I will, thank you so much Smitty.

Baldwin “Smitty” Smith


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