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  January 2008  

Carla Marciano Interview Page 4

Smitty:  Yes, we must do that. I would love that. (Laughs.)

CM:  I was really touched when you went to New York from Houston to be there at that concert to listen to our music, so I was really touched, and all the members of my group really loved it.  They were really touched by the fact that you traveled such a long way to get to New York and be there for our concert.

Smitty:  Oh, it was such a pleasure and I still hold that as one of my fondest memories and I will never forget that night and all the fun and the great music. Ladies and Gentlemen around the world…..The fantastic, Ms Carla Marciano!

CM:  Thank you for the kind words, thank you

Special Thanks, to our wonderful interpreter for this interview, Ms. Daniela Ruffolo


Baldwin “Smitty” Smith