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  January 2008  
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Smitty:  Yes.  Well, sometimes we find that here in the U.S., in certain parts of the U.S. too, but yes, I’m so glad that jazz is alive and well in Italy.  That’s fantastic. This is your third record with Black Saint.  Talk about how much you like being with the Black Saint label.

carla marcianoCM:  My cooperation with the Black Saint label is really, really positive.  Black Saint is an Italian label. I’m really glad that they had issued all my CDs, my records.  They produce the records of very few artists because they select the artists and pay much attention to the artists they produce. And Black Saint has got a special policy that is quite unique because they follow the same line, choosing the artists who are going to work with them, devoting to them the proper time they need and supporting them, and they helped me a lot because thanks to them I could issue my records and, moreover, release my records and, moreover, I became famous thanks to them, so it is very important for me to cooperate with this label. 

And before Trane’s Groove, I was sitting in my house and training on the saxophone and working hard and therefore the records released by Black Saint really changed my life and as an artist, although I spend a lot of time sitting at home or working hard and doing rehearsals, so from that point of view, not so much has changed so far. I still work hard and rehearse.

Smitty:  (Laughs.)  Okay.  Well, I really like what Black Saint label is doing with their artists and in particular with what they’re doing with you because they put a lot of quality and a lot of time in their projects.  It’s beautiful, I love the album layout, I even love the case that the CD is in and the cover art.  It’s beautiful.

CM:  Yeah, I agree with you.  I really like what they do, really.

Smitty: They have a very colorful approach to their label and they really do a very good job of taking care of their musicians.

CM:  Yes, you’re right and that’s why I would take advantage of this interview to thank Flavio and Giovanni Bonandrini for their support, their help.

Smitty:  Oh, very cool.  So going back to making the record, what was it like while putting the record together and working with your band?  Were there some really cool things that happened while you were working together?

CM:  Let me think about it.  There are so many.

Smitty:  (Laughs.)

CM:  The first record we released, Trane’s Groove, I remembered that we started recording it at home and then I sent all the material that I recorded, the music, that we started recording some pieces at home, and then we ended up like recorded with a special mix, and then I sent my first master to the Black Saint label. And then I got a telephone from Giovanni Bonandrini—at midnight and I thought it was a sort of joke, and so it was quite funny because at the end he swore that it was him, and that’s a telephone call at midnight on Saturday night, our cooperation started and we released the first CD together.

Smitty:  (Laughs.)  That’s funny.  All right, well, this is your best record yet, it is fantastic, I hope everyone in the U.S. gets an opportunity to get a copy of your new record, Change of Mood, and it is a valuable collection of great songs that you have written. How can people in the U.S. get this record and how can people around the world get this record?

CM:  The easiest way to get the record is connecting to the Black Saint web site and the address is and they can buy the record online from this year, yes, they have started selling the records online.

Smitty:  Oh, very good, excellent.

CM: Thank you!

Smitty:  Yes, very cool.  I want to thank you for such a wonderful interview and making it so much fun, it is a great record and I hope that everyone in the world gets an opportunity to hear this fantastic music.  You are one of the best sax players in the world and congratulations on this wonderful new CD Change of Mood.

CM:  I wish to thank you again because you are an extraordinary person.  I was really lucky to meet you beyond the wonderful words you said about me and my music, and I thank you because you are really a wonderful person, and also because I usually have got this sort of feeling when I meet someone.  I feel I’m a pretty good judge of character when I meet a good one or a bad one.  Even though we met only once, I suddenly felt that you are a very good person and I felt this inside, and that’s why I was really happy to meet you.  It was a great opportunity for me as well, so thank you.

Smitty:  Oh, well, you’re so welcome and thank you so much for those beautiful words, and I feel the same way, you are truly a great person, musician and friend and I hope we get to meet again.

CM:  I do hope to meet you soon, really.  It would be great if we met again in the U.S. or in Italy, anywhere.

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