Marion Meadows

Dressed To Chill

marion_meadowsWith a musical sense that sets him apart, contemporary jazz saxophonist Marion Meadows is in style and taking his signature sound to new heights!  Hot from Heads Up International, Dressed To Chill features 12 stirring tracks, including 11 originals.  Dressed To Chill is a gorgeous record.  This is laidback done right!

Meadows opens with the title track Dressed To Chill and he’s a triple threat performing on the soprano, alto and tenor saxophonesBelieve me…this piece sets the pace for many other remarkable highlights including Remember Me, which features a great guitar solo by Chuck Loeb.  The mood takes a playful turn with the track Steppers…Let’s Do This and his rendition of R. Kelly’s, I Believe I Can Fly will blow you away.  Don’t miss the R&B-edged Miss Know It All ‘cause you’ll love Meadows’ soulful soprano sax work alongside the smooth vocals of Will Brock (who co-wrote this number with keyboardist Michael Broening).  Then indulge your senses with Scent of a Woman.  Intoxicating soprano sax lines dance around the Spanish-flavored and very romantic acoustic guitar stylings of Thano Sahnas, who also guests on the track, 1000 Dreams.  This latter number features a recurring atmospheric theme fully explored through a soaring soprano sax (Meadows), a dreamlike piano interlude (Broening) and inspiring vocalese (Caji Da Bahia).     

It’s important to note too that many of the compositions on Dressed To Chill were penned through the collaborative efforts of its producers Meadows and Broening.  So whether it’s the quiet hush of Dance With My Daughter, a lively Bounce or the sensual Coco Flow, this record has it all and it’s Marion Meadows’ best yet!  He’s Dressed To Chill…and he wears it well!   



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-D.J. Fazio