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  April 2008  

Marcus Miller Interview Page 4

marcus millerSmitty:  Carries a lotta weight because you are highly recognized as a great musician and the funk master of the four-string and this record is a stamp on your musicianship and like no other, because this is a fantastic record, and it does show that you can step in with the best because you have the best on this project.

MM:  Oh yeah, thank you, man.

Smitty:  Yeah, man, and it speaks volumes, my friend.  And I know that people are gonna be lining up for this record because it is unbelievably good, and I’m just glad I got my copy! (Laughs)

MM:  Yeah.  The response has been very good, man.  People have been really enthusiastic about it, you know, a lotta nice e-mails and people going to my Web site,, and leave me nice notes, so, so far, it’s been a very nice experience with this album.

Smitty:  Yes, and it was released, what, last week?

MM:  Yeah, it came out a week ago.

Smitty:  Yeah, man, and it’s doing very well and I love the artwork, man.

MM:  Oh, thank you.

Smitty:  It’s got that signature M&M silhouette on the back.  (Both laugh.)

MM:  Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly.  You know it.

Smitty:  I mean, that’s like the Michael Jordan silhouette, you know?

MM:  Yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly.  I’ve been working on that to get a little logo going.

Smitty:  Nice.

MM:  But yeah, we’re just trying to find something that like on the front cover that was just clear and it kinda jumped out at you, so I like the color combination.

Smitty:  Exactly, and you’ve still got that four-string working, man.  That is a beautiful instrument.  Have you named that one yet?

MM:  Nah, man, B. B. King, you know, he’s got everybody trying to name their instruments, man.  But mine, it’s just a 77.  That’s the year I bought it, man, so, you know, they say “What instrument are you playing?”

Smitty:  (Laughs.)

MM:  Everybody knows what I’m talking about.

Smitty:  Yeah, the 77.  That’s pretty cool, man.  Wow, well, Marcus, hey, man, I wanna congratulate you because you’ve done some fantastic things throughout your career, as you mentioned, as well as those of recent.  Congratulations on the cruise because I know you stowed away on one and you loved it so much you did your own.

MM:  (Laughs.)  Well, you know, when they first asked me to host a cruise, you know, like I said, I was initially a little reluctant, and they said “Well, why don’t you come on one of the cruises that we already have going so you can see what it’s like?”  And that’s when I said “Oh, this is nice, you know, and the people love music.  What musician doesn’t wanna be around people who love music, you know?”  So that’s when I realized it was something that I could do and something I should do, so yeah, I was a stowaway.  I might stow away on Wayman Tisdale’s next cruise because that’s my boy and I always have a good time with him.  I might have to jump in his suitcase or something, you know?  He’s so big, I could probably fit in his suitcase, no problem.  (Both laugh.)

Smitty:  I know.  You and me both.  What do you mean?

MM:  Yeah, exactly.  Big fella.

Smitty:  Yeah, but a cool cat, though, very cool.

MM:  Oh, beautiful, yeah, beautiful.  That’s my boy.

Smitty:  Yes indeed.  Well, Marcus, hey, man, thanks so much for talking about this great record and your fantastic career, and congratulations on everything in 2008 and 2009, my friend.

MM:  Thank you.

Smitty:  And I look forward to seeing you real soon so we can kick it and talk some more.

MM:  Smitty, thank you very much, man.

Smitty:  All right, we’ve been talking to the incredible bassists, Marcus Miller.  His fantastic new record is self-titled Marcus.  You can’t miss it.  It is already out in stores everywhere.  You must pick up this great record.  I highly recommend it.  Marcus, thanks again, my friend, and we will speak very soon.

MM:  Sounds good.  Talk to you soon.

Baldwin “Smitty” Smith