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  February 2009  

Jane Monheit Interview Page 4

JM:  Oh yeah?

Jazz Monthly:  In St. Louis, baseball is part of your upbringing.

JM:  Oh, in New York too, man.

Jazz Monthly:  Yeah, exactly.

JM:  In New York too, totally.

Jazz Monthly:  Yeah, it should be in the school curriculum, I think, you know?

JM:  It practically is, man.

Jazz Monthly:  Yeah, and I just love everything about baseball since I was a kid and love just to see the old ballplayers come out and hang sometimes and listen to them talk.

JM:  Oh yeah.

Jazz Monthly:  And it’s just so cool, so yeah, I love baseball, just crazy about it.  But wow, I don’t meet too many women that love sports.  My good friend Koko is a good sports fan, so we text and call and talk about sports all the time.  She’s in San Francisco, but wow, that’s cool.  Well, I see now why you and your husband are such a great fit.  You got a lot in common.  That’s very cool.  I mean, that doesn’t happen all the time in this day and age.

JM:  Well, I became a basketball fan because of him, actually just last year during my pregnancy.  It was so funny.  During my pregnancy I became obsessed with basketball, I became like this Celtics megafan.  I’m so into it.

Jazz Monthly:  It helps that they were winning, doesn’t it?

JM:  No, it’s not even that.  I just love….just the way they play together, it’s totally beautiful.  It’s like watching like gorgeous choreography and like they’re just these great guys and two of them had babies—well, not together—at the same time I did (both laugh) and I just love those guys.  Like Paul Pierce is like my hero now.

Jazz Monthly:  Oh my Gosh.

JM:  I love him.  When he hurt his leg in the finals, I was just like “No, Paul, I love you!”

Jazz Monthly:  Yes, you are a fan. I think it’s cool. Wow, so let’s see, so we get to see you out on the road before too long, right?

JM:  Oh yeah, we’ve been touring like pretty much nonstop since August and will be back on the road in January and it’s gonna be a pretty intense year of touring all over the world.

Jazz Monthly:  Yeah, you have a full schedule.  That’s very cool.

JM:  Yeah.

Jazz Monthly:  I know you may not do it yourself, but I just want to do it for you and congratulate you on this great record and, in fact, your entire band because it is just a tight record and I know everyone’s gonna love it.

JM:  Well, thank you.

Jazz Monthly:  It’s that good, yeah.  And I’m just so thankful that you had some time to talk about this great record and your career, and it’s kind of a dream come true for me because I’ve always just wanted to just talk with you a little about your music because I’ve always admired your music and the way you perform, which is very cool.

JM:  Well, thank you.

Jazz Monthly:  So again, yes, congratulations on this great record and all the best in 2009 and I will catch you out there on the road before too long and hopefully you’ll have the baby and the pup with ya.

JM:  Awesome, yeah, totally.

Jazz Monthly:  Yeah.  All right, we’ve been talking with the incredible Ms. Jane Monheit.  Her great new record drops January 20, 2009.  It is entitled The Lovers, the Dreamers & Me.  You’ve got to check out this great record.  I highly recommend it and please catch one of her live performances.  They are like no other.  Jane, thanks again, my friend, and all the best to you in 2009 and beyond, my friend.

JM:  To you too.


Baldwin “Smitty” Smith