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  July 2007  

Jean Luc Ponty Interview Page 4

jean luc pontySmitty:  I highly recommend them, yes.

JLP:  Good, excellent.

Smitty:  All right.  So, now, the record was released when?

JLP:  It was released on May 22nd. I’m really excited about that and we started touring June 1st in the U.S. I started the tour in Detroit. That’s a big city for me, great fans.  That’s quite an experience there too.  It’s really special. It’s about a month of touring, not a lot of time. We’ll have to come back to the U.S. another time because we already have so many dates.

Smitty:  Yes, we certainly hope that you will.

JLP:  And we have to be back in Europe in July, but that’s already quite a good number of dates we are going to do. I’m very excited about that.

Smitty:  Yes, you are in demand, my friend.  (Both laugh.)

JLP:  As long as I can play, I will go out.

Smitty:  Well, I’m glad to hear you say that because I know I speak for thousands around the world.  We love your music, we love what you do, we love what your music stands for, and it’s always great to see a great live Jean Luc performance, you know?

JLP:  Oh, that’s very nice of you. It’s great to hear that.  Thank you very much.

Smitty:  Yes indeed.  Well, I want to congratulate you once again on this great record and your relationship with Koch, and for all the wonderful experiences that you have included in your music with this great new project.

JLP:  Thank you very much.

Smitty:  All right, we’ve been talking with the fantastic and amazing Jean Luc Ponty.  He has a great new record out, it’s called The Acatama Experience.  You must get this new record because it is fantastic music and I can’t say enough about that great solo on “Desert Crossing.”

JLP:  (Laughs.)

Smitty:  All right.  Jean Luc, thanks once again, my friend.

JLP:  You’re welcome.

Smitty:  And all the best to you in 2007 on the tour and the release of this great new record.

JLP: Thank you very much.


Baldwin “Smitty” Smith