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doc powellA name is something that sets one uniquely apart from another and Doc Powell’s new self-titled release says it all.  Hot from DPR/Heads Up, his 10th solo recording celebrates 20 years in the biz and showcases his smooth signature sound.  It also reveals another side that resonates with the acoustic stylings of a classic Martin guitar.  What’s in a name?  When you’re chart-topping guitarist Doc Powell, "it’s a contemporary, groove-infused, must-listen-to CD."    

There are several originals included on this very special project and Powell kicks things off with the Latin-tinged Me, Myself & Rio.  Co-written with bassist Larry Kimpel, this upbeat number boasts a smokin’ horn section, as well as the gorgeous acoustic piano work of Bobby Lyle.   Powell records both classical/electric guitars in tandem then lends his smooth, ultra-suede scat to the mix to make this opener…a keeper!   

He also incorporates a couple of romantic ballads co-written and co-produced with the Grammy-winning Barry Eastmond.  Let Go gives fans a taste of his signature sound, while Together We Can gives a sampling of his Wes Montgomery flare.  Powell plays the octaves and listen up for the tonal qualities of the acoustic/electric guitars on this one.  Later, feel the slow burn of Hip Pocket, written and performed solely by Powell (classical/electric guitars, synth bass and keys).

There are two versions of Carole King’s, It’s Too Late.  The first is electric and features the soulful tenor sax work of Kirk Whalum.  Brian Culbertson also guests and brings his acoustic piano style to this feel-good number.  Faith Anderson adds the breezy vocal hook not only to this version, but to the unplugged one as well.  Powell concludes his amazing project with this second version.  He plays the classical guitars at a more relaxed tempo, and Pablo Batista adds the tender touch on percussion.  You’ll enjoy both selections!

Doc Powell’s self-titled new CD has heart and lots of it!  Showing another side musically, you’re gonna love Doc Powell…the artist and the record!


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D.J Fazio