Nelson Rangell - Soul To Souls

nelson rangellFrom flute and piccolo performances to his trio of saxophone expressions, Nelson Rangell takes it to heart on his new CD, Soul to Souls.  Featuring a stirring variety of contemporary styles and shades of tradition, his most recent from Koch Records digs deep.  This is Rangell’s musical connection with you, Soul to Souls.

Sure to awaken your senses, Rangell opens with a tenor sax melody staying true to Joe Sample’s Free As The Wind.  Guitarist Chuck Loeblends a hand and the momentum is exhilarating.   While dramatic flute (Rangell) and acoustic nylon string guitar (Earl Klugh) crescendos take center stage to serenade Vonetta, a song written by Klugh.  Take a moment to take it in because the extraordinary dreamlike intro suddenly transforms into an uptempo and captivating experience.  Vonetta is unforgettable!   Rangell’s arrangement of Dizzy Gillespie’s, A Night In Tunisia is phenomenal and his translation of the original melody to alto saxophone works brilliantly.  He nailed it!  A song of many contrasts, the changing tempos and exotic rhythms impart such an intriguing mood.  Accompanying him and bringing a traditional feel to the piece are keyboardist Alex Nekrasov (who also co-wrote 3 songs with Rangell), pianist Vlad Girshevich, drummer Christian Teele, and bassist Brian Bromberg.  This song is one of my many favorites on the disc. 

Rangell also performs several originals and goes on to blaze some trails, screamin’ and squeezin’ alto sax notes on the track, A New Avenger.   Loeb once again guests with an exciting guitar solo, and the addition of some electric guitar work by Joe Gamble, is going to get your heart pumping.  City Lights will appeal to fans of the classic Bob James and David Sanborn sound, while Mean Business features big tenor sax soundsand bass work (Vernon Barbary) that’ll make your sub-woofer beg for more.  Rangell also takes a lighthearted turn on the track When I Saw You.  A song with instant radio appeal, you’ll love Rangell’s phrasing and deeper soprano sax tones on this one. 

He ends this wonderful project on a high note with, The World View, an elevated and atmospheric adventure.  There’s a lot of depth on Nelson Rangell’s beautiful new CD.   It’s exciting and heartfelt.  Let Soul to Souls move yours



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-D.J. Fazio