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Marilyn ScottJazz Monthly: Yes.

MS:  I can’t see taking yourself so seriously.

Jazz Monthly:  Right, and you have a message, you get it there and you put it out there, and feel good about your work, what you do.

MS:  Yeah.

Jazz Monthly: And I like that about you, that you stand by what you do and what you say, and I always thought that was just wonderful.

MS:  Well, I really love to write and I really treasure some of the things I’ve been able to write with other people that I’ve always been around.  Oh, you know, growing up in Los Angeles and being around such great players, there’s just so many people to be able to sit down and try and write something with that whatever’s gonna happen of the tune, it’s always been a great thrill to me, and I’ve learned so much by writing with different people.

Jazz Monthly: Yes.

MS:  About myself and about trying to take a tune, whether it be something we wrote or something that’s been done before by another artist, it’s all how you give it the breath, the life that is from that moment.

Jazz Monthly:  Right, absolutely.

MS:  So that’s always fun and I hope to be getting back and doing more of that too.

Jazz Monthly: Yes, and you mentioned doing some of these shows in live settings and I think that’s wonderful and I hope that you get some opportunities to do that because this is—

MS:  I do too.

Jazz Monthly:  This is some legendary great music and I’m sure the fans will certainly enjoy this because I’m certainly enjoying it, and I want to see it live too.

MS:  Well, you know what, these are hard times for everybody.  It’s hard to spend a nickel at anything.

Jazz Monthly:  Oh yes.

MS:  And music is taking a hit.  It already had been from just the downloading and so on, but now it’s taking a different kind of hit because people have to keep that money in their pocket and I just want to say that there’s not a bigger thrill than live entertainment and going out and supporting the local clubs irregardless of the genre.  It’s vital to music surviving and artists developing and bringing in new sounds, new voices, new ways of approaching some interesting things.

Jazz Monthly: Yeah, and I think it affords us the opportunity to be creative about getting the live music out there because times change, we have to change with it, and we look for opportunities to be creative, and I think this is another challenge to do that.

MS:  Yeah.

Jazz Monthly:  And if everyone works together, I really think that we can do that.  Because like you said, it is so important, it really is, and so I’m always so excited about new approaches and new ways of getting live music out there and letting people be entertained and allowing, like you said, musicians to be creative and be a part of live music and development.

MS:  Yeah.

Jazz Monthly:  That is so wonderful.  Your new record has to be in the mix of live entertainment, let me tell ya, because this is just great.  I could just talk about this forever.  Now, how can people get this record?

MS:  Well, we did get it over here to The States and so it’s on Amazon and iTunes.

Jazz Monthly: Yes.

MS:  You can find it that way.

Jazz Monthly:  Very good and at your live shows.

MS:  And it’s great because you can just download it and you can go to my Web site,, and you can actually download, I think, a few things for free too, so however you want to get it, you can pick little snippets here and there.

Jazz Monthly:  Oh, very cool.

MS:  And I’m always willing to turn people on to music and if they want more, they can always get more through iTunes or something like that, but on the Web site you can have a few things.

Jazz Monthly:  Yes, and speaking of your Web site, it’s a lovely Web site, always has been, and what I wanted to ask you about was Starting Green.  Talk a little bit about Starting Green.

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