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MS:  I work on it every day and it actually started because my niece, she had a couple of beautiful kids, and I’ve always been an environmentalist and practicing everything that was about being what people say “green” and I wanted to do something and I started thinking about infants’ clothing, how important it is and making it available to mothers.  There just hadn’t been that much out there and I’m very happy to say there’s more and more available web sites and stores that are carrying organic clothing for infants and toddlers.

So I started doing zero to 12 months and I make all the clothes here in Los Angeles and I get all the fabric that is grown in Texas and New Mexico, and so everything is grown here in The States. I try to make the essentials, you know, the little tops, the wraps, undershirts, onesies, we’re making a couple of little dresses now new for spring, and it’s all organic which is all on a little online store, but we’re learning and it’s been a lot of fun, it really has.

Jazz Monthly:  Well, that’s wonderful.

MS:  Yeah.

Jazz Monthly:  And that Web site is, right?

MS:  Correct, yeah.

Jazz Monthly: I’ve been there and looked at the clothes.  I don’t have any babies, but I think it’s a wonderful thing.

MS:  Thank you.

Jazz Monthly: Yes, starting out with kids and giving them something really organic and safe.

MS:  Well, it’s amazing to think that there’s so much chemical pesticides in cotton grown, conventional or from the international world, and a lot of it is coming from Turkey and India and places like that now, so it’s important to know that it’s clean and it hasn’t been grown with these chemicals.  It’s in that first year of a baby, their pores are still open.  They really don’t close until they’re about a year old, so that’s when they’re most vulnerable and that’s when they can contract diseases and get allergies and asthma and things like that.  It’s really important to go organic if you can find it and use it.

Jazz Monthly:  Yes, it’s such a vulnerable time for infants at that time, like you mentioned.

MS:  Mm-hmm, yeah.

Jazz Monthly:  And we have the responsibility to give them the best start possible as parents.

MS:  Yeah, and educate them and educate the mothers, and I think mothers, they’ll do it for their children before they even get a chance to do it for themselves, and once they start doing that, they’ll start doing it for everybody in the family.

Jazz Monthly:  Yes, I like that.

MS:  It’s gotta be affordable and it’s gotta replace what’s already there like the name brands.

Jazz Monthly:  Yes, absolutely.

MS:  Some of that stuff is made overseas so it’s hard to compete, but we’re getting better at it.

Jazz Monthly:  Right.  Well, I love this and you’re always so on top of everything.

MS:  It’s fun, I swear, it really is, and it’s great to do other things.  It’s a matter of creating plans and being part of the art of life.

Jazz Monthly:  Yes, absolutely, and the music is always a part of that as well because your music is always so comforting and it always has a positive message that people can really enjoy, and I just want to thank you so much.

MS:  Thanks, Smitty.

Jazz Monthly:  Yes indeed.  It’s my pleasure.  Thanks again for doing this great record and for all the other wonderful things that you do, and please give my thanks to everyone at Venus and everyone that had anything to do with this record, the engineers, everyone, because they did a wonderful job with it.

MS:  Oh, I’ll pass that along, absolutely.  They’ll love hearing that.

Jazz Monthly:  Absolutely.  Marilyn, thanks again, all the best to you in 2009.

MS:  Well, let’s see each other and let’s toast to this New Year of great music for everybody.

Jazz Monthly:  It would be a pleasure.

MS:  Get out there and see some live music.

Jazz Monthly: Thank you and I second that and I hope to see you out there as part of that live music because I tell you, it is always a wonderful time

MS:  Thank you.

Jazz Monthly:  All right, we’ve been talking with the incredible Marilyn Scott.  Her new record is called Every Time We Say Goodbye, it is 10 wonderful tracks, you must get this record, I highly recommend it.  Marilyn, thanks again and all the best, my friend.

MS:  Here’s to you, Smitty


Baldwin “Smitty” Smith