Nestor Torres - Dances, Prayers & Meditations for peace

nestor torresLatin Grammy Award winning flautist, and Heads Up recording artist, Nestor Torres invites you to experience a global fusion of music.  His provocative new CD layers Latin, jazz, classical, world, hip-hop and reggae elements on 13 originals.  A bold move for TorresDances, Prayers & Meditations For Peace is a record like none you’ve ever heard…but must.

Winning a Latin Grammy Award was life changing for Torres and the fact that he was to receive it on 9/11 shadowed the joy with horror.  But visiting Ground Zero helped him to reconcile this paradox of emotion through music.  Some of his subsequent compositions dance, others pray, and a few are mantras.  His opening track, Human Revolution for example,is uptempo proof that change can happen from within.  This dance has subtle Middle-Eastern tones and empowering rhythms (Richard Bravo/percussion).  You’ll love the soaring flute melody (Torres) and the intriguing work of Carlo Pennisi (nylon string guitar) and Furat Qaddouri (qanoun).  This positive energy continues on the songs, Peace With Myself and Dance Because You Can.  The first finds the hip-hop beat, while the latterpartners subtle Latin rhythms and a midtempo groove. 

When it’s time to dance, dance, but when it’s time to pray, pray.  It’s been said that when you perform a song in worship, you’ve prayed twice.  Some of Torres’ devotions include the profoundly emotional St. Peter’s Prayer, which was directly inspired by Ground Zero.  The poignant flute melody and spiritual vocals (Beatriz Malnic) are deeply sorrowful yet strengthen the spirit in a very moving way.  Another special song at the core of this project is, Lotus Sutra Of The Wonderful Law, a composition he performed in conjunction with a lecture given by the Dalai Lama.  Medicine Man is a texturally interesting number and you’ll find peace in the natural rhythms of ancient cultures.  The unexpected combination of Native American chants/drums with Middle Eastern Sufi music is breathtaking!  Then taking you once again by surprise is the track, Rhumboso.  Torres describes it in the liner notes as“Mozart meets Puerto Rican Plena.”

This is Nestor Torres’ most powerful project yet.  Filled with originals that challenge your thoughts and emotions, Dances, Prayers & Meditations For Peace is more than a record.
I’d call it Divine Instrumentation and it’s a testimony Torres was meant to make.         



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-D.J. Fazio