Nick Colionne - Keepin' It Cool

When you’re feelin’ the need to chill, then it’s time to hang with Nick Colionne.   Keepin’ It Cool is his Narada Jazz debut and it overflows with contemporary jazz gems.  Featuring rhythmic grooves and guitar melodies that fuse R&B, blues, and rock with a subtle Wes Montgomery flare, his songs are progressive and will stir your senses. A solid improviser and a story teller, not only is Nick Colionne goin’ with the flow, he’s Keepin’ It Cool.

Colionne begins beautifully with Can You Feel It.  Message received, and you’ll realize too that as you delve further and further into this project, the melodies, song titles,and placement lend to the overall continuity.  Your listening pleasure is enhanced as each song plays off one another, yet has the legs to stand alone.  They’re that good!   The intro and phrasing on A Moment With You, chord progression on You Were There For Me and Colionne’s stylings on John L will make you gasp, how very Wes of him!  Then changing it up with a quickened tempo and fluid guitar improvisations, he explores the funkier side of LiquidColionne catches the backbeat and (trust me), it goes down well!  Meanwhile, Rainy Night In Georgia features deeply soulful vocals and a musical sequence that takes on epic proportions.  It’s a timeless account he tells through music and the accompaniment of acoustic piano, horns, drums & percussion add soothing textural elements. 

Colionne concludes this amazing project, with his radio hit, High Flyin’, and particularly impressive are his improvisations at the finale.  A rousing sneak peek at his 2006 tour, this record is also a sure sign that as Nick Colionne is Keepin’ It Cool, things are gonna get hot!                                                                   



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-D.J. Fazio