Lin Rountree - Groovetree

Lin Rountree

When you think ‘groove’, think Lin Rountree because his latest CD, Groovetree offers both.  Released on BDK Records, it’s chock-full of groove-based numbers.  With a luxe mix of contemporary trumpet/flugelhorn stylings, this one vibes urban chill

Several mid-tempo songs will catch your attention including the opening track, For Your Love, which features Rountree’s full-bodied flugelhorn.  You’ll recognize some gorgeous guitar work by fellow Detroit-based artist Tim Bowman and their melodious combination is stunning.  Such an easy listen…go ahead, indulge!  Another pleasing number, Into the Night lends a mysterious mood, with Rountree’s flugelhorn giving nod to Darryl Dixon’s guitar.          

Then with retro-funky appeal, Rountree’s Groovetree really gets it goin’!   You’ll love how he accentuates the title track with muted trumpet and horns.  Joining him on the jam are Ron Otis/drums, Dixon/guitar, as well as, Al Turner/bass and Dana Davis/programming.

Rountree slows the tempo with his luxurious, Villicious.   Donning many hats, he plays muted trumpet, flugelhorn and synthesizers, while Bamm Davis shines with some remarkable acoustic piano stylings.  Closing out this wonderful CD are two tracks performed solely by the songs’ authors.  Akire’ (by Rountree and Dana Davis) is wonderfully exotic, while Lullaby for Renarta (by Rountree and Tony Gordon) is oh-so-tender. 

If first impressions are lasting ones, then Lin Rountree’s CD Groovetree should make him a lasting player.  Like all of the compositions on this project, Rountree himself is an original!


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-D.J. Fazio