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Smitty: I like that. I like that. I love it when you've got an instrument that is usually in the background but now you've moved it forward and it's the lead instrument and it just changes the whole vibe.
GV: It definitely does. It gives you something else to listen to and we get so accustomed to saxophone… but it's nice and there's nothing wrong with it. I mean, we've had some great saxophonist out there, making amazing music but it's nice to use something a little different.
Smitty: I don't know if you are familiar with Joe Kurasz, a phenomenal musician. He's on the east coast. He's doing what Jeff (Bradshaw) and what you are doing. He's featured the Hammond B3 as a lead instrument. It's just an incredible vibe.
GV: Yes, there's a lot of those instruments you hear it in jazz, but not in smooth jazz. And it's such a wonderful soulful instrument. In fact on our record that's one of the things that I really highlighted, which is Pete Kuzma playing organ and that really is a specialty on the record. It funny you should mention the organ.
Smitty:Yes, it's a beautiful instrument. Gerald I can't say enough about this great record and its live man, it's live! (laughing).
GV: Its live baby, it's live.
Smitty: At the Jazz Base, and if you're coming through Reading, PA. you've got to stop at Gerald Veasley's Jazz Base and check out the vibe. Check out Gerald's website at to keep up with what he doing, and if he's performing at a venue near you….. You're just having a great time (laughing).
GV: Oh we're having a ball.
Smitty: (Laughing) Now the record is available in stores.
GV: Yes, the release date was July 26th.
Smitty: Alright, and it is called At The Jazz Base! From Heads Up recording artist, the amazing Gerald Veasley. This is a record that I highly recommend and I anticipate some serious airplay with this one, and a lot of success. Gerald, it's always a pleasure to talk with you, not just in these circles, but any time, and I look forward to getting back together again.
GV: Always, thank you so much Smitty.

Baldwin “Smitty” Smith

For More Information Visit The Gerald Veasly Web Site or Heads Up Records.