Eric Darius - Just Getting Started

eric dariusSome say, the eyes are the windows to the soul, but in Eric Darius’ case, the sax takes you there.  His new CD Just Getting Started, fresh from the Narada Jazz label, is even more than the title implies.  He’s a composer/musician and fans of the contemporary jazz saxophone will dig the Darius sound.  From clean alto/lower sax tones, screamin’ licks to saxy swaggers, Darius has got the ability to catch a hook and pack an emotionally-charged performance.  Eric Darius, the Smooth Breeze, is Just Getting Started and hold on to your hats ‘cause he delivers! 

A lot of star power went into the making of this project and includes some of the most celebrated producers/artists in the biz, namely Brian Culbertson, Paul Brown, Euge Groove, Jeff Lorber and Paul Jackson Jr.  Their combined talents are reflected on the many expressions you’ll encounter and range all the way from funk, soul, R&B to street.  For lucky listeners, it’s certainly an unpredictable and very exciting experience! 

Darius opens with the first radio single, Steppin’ Up and headed in the right direction, it’s already climbing the charts.  This upbeat number will be the first of many hits!  You’re gonna love the electric bass, rhythm guitar, keys and horn sections that accompany his amped up performances on Groove On and That’s What I’m Sayin’ plus the oh-so-struttin’ Slick.  Listen up ‘cause there’s some beautiful improvisations here.  Then hitting all the right notes, Darius gets your attention on the romantic Lover’s Paradise, as well as, Secret Soul, and Back At Cha.  (And he isn’t finished by a long shot!)  His cover of Alicia KeysIf I Ain’t Got You is lyrical, Can’t Let You Go urban-edged, and It’s Alright With Me soulful. 

If you’ve yet to discover the music of Eric Darius, his new CD Just Getting Started, is the best place to begin.  Guaranteed to move you, it has everything contemporary jazz fans could everwant in a record.  This one kicks!                                



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-D.J. Fazio