Steve Oliver - Radiant

steve oliver What does the title of Steve Oliver’s new CD have to do with the man and his music?  Everything.  Everything about Radiant, his latest from Koch Entertainment, shines.  His signature guitar/vocal sounds have matured with a soulful confidence and from gorgeous originals to stoked performances, Radiant is sure to garner many glowing reviews!

He sets the mood in motion with his opening track, Feeling Good and radiating like ripples in a pond, one good song leads to another.  Let Tradewinds set your mind at ease.  Oliver picks stunning rhythmic guitar lines around a vocalese breeze while the keys and bass (Michael Broening and Mel Brown) anchor a hook that’ll blow you away. Oliver then takes the contemporary jazz sound to new heights with Reach the Sky.  Bassist Gerald Veasley lends a hand, while Tom Schuman (of the supergroup Spyro Gyra) plays keyboards on the feel-good track Across the Water.

 Oliver’s latest project features lead vocals that are more compelling than ever.  He adds a beautiful timbre to the Stephen Stills classic (and only cover on the disc), For What It’s Worth, while his midtempo original Bend or Break is an acutely honest expression of emotion.  Then in a style his fans know and love, Oliver is Good to Go.  From the get go hesets off catchy percussive rhythms in tandem with signature vocals/upbeat guitar melody.  He cuts loose on the track Cool and with some funky-edged frets, Cool really is as cool does! 

Just as the sun, the air and water, are essential to life, so too is music to the soul.
Steve Oliveris Radiant!  The man, like the music is inspired!     


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-D.J. Fazio