Althea Rene - In The Moment

Mike Dilorenzo - Urbanized Best known for her flute and alto flute performances, contemporary jazz artist Althea Rene also brings vocal insight to her new release, In The Moment. Schooled in classical music, her buttery improvisations will sweep over you and having a hand in the composition of half the tracks, its clear this is a very special project.  Take in Chocolate Caramel’s latest offering.  Althea Rene is In The Moment and outstanding!  

Rene opens with the title track, an original co-written with Gary Perez (who also performs on drums & keys).  The pleasing melody and gorgeous rhythms will take your breath away and In The Moment will certainly focus your listening attention.  Another original, the spirited Campari Juice adds the muted trumpet stylings of Rayse Biggs to the mix and the crescendo of Rene’s vocalese/staccatoed flute lines make it a showstopper!  She steps into the spotlight with lead vocals on the island-inspired and deliciously-sexy One Night Love Affair.  This fantasy number features beautiful acoustic nylon string guitar work by Sean Blackman (of Blackman/Arnold) and bad boy vocals from keyboardist Richard Paris.  Getting more than you expected, Rene endears herself even further with lead vocals on More Than You Know.  The flute melody soars and oft-sought-after keyboardist, Bamm Davis (who performs on three additional tracks and penned And She Said) helps out on Rhodes.

Rene also performs two mid-tempo tunes, I Can and When You’re Around (both written by Kendall Duffie) and the background vocals of Kloud 9 lend an R&B flavor to both She covers two songs staying true to Patrice Rushen’s Number One and Beyonce Knowles’ Me, Myself, and I.  Pam English gives a smoldering vocal performance on the latter song.

 In The Moment is an amazing record.  Refreshing compositions team with flute improvisations, insightful vocal performances and come wrapped in luxurious rhythmic layers.  Althea Rene’s In The Moment will get in your soul and it should be in your collection!




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-D.J. Fazio