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Jazz Monthly Feature Cover Story
International Songwriting Competition
Story by Joe Caroselli

Ten years ago, an extremely talented and imaginative visionary named Candace Avery set out to create one of the greatest songwriting competitions that ever existed. We at JazzMonthly.com certainly feel that she has fulfilled her mission... AND THEN SOME! The International Songwriting Competition (ISC) is an annual songwriting contest whose aim is to give songwriters a wonderful opportunity to showcase their songs. In a world where so often only the performer or artist is celebrated, and the songwriter is sometimes neglected, we applaud the ISC for giving the authors of songs (both aspiring or already established) an international avenue or "platform" for their songs to be heard.

Founder/Director of the International Songwriting Competition, Candace Avery began her music career as a drummer in an illustrious music city--- New Orleans. She later moved to Boston to study at Berklee College of Music. Avery organized and founded major music events and  "Music Awards" shows in and around the Boston area. Avery was already a success in the music business in Boston – and by anyone's judgment; but she truly wanted to make a difference in the lives of the many talented songwriters and artists whom she knew were out there, but didn't have a suitable platform or songwriting forum or "stage." to be heard.

  Her next stop was moving to another tremendous music city. In fact it is actually called: "Music City." Of course we are referring to Nashville! It was in Nashville where the ISC was founded. Candace knew that there were other songwriting contests out there, but she just flat out wanted to create one of the best competitions ever. She DID!

 She wanted her competition to put everything right out on the table as far as who their judges were, how many entries they received, and exactly what the prizes were. And so the International Songwriting Competition was born! That was back in 2002. Here it is, a decade later, and Candace and her glorious songwriting competition continue to provide a heart-felt service to her international music community. Avery is professionally gratified by having the opportunity to discover gifted writers and performers for ten years now... and counting! Candace has not lost any of her original passion and "joy-in-serving" that she had when she first started the ISC-- a decade ago! As an artist and musician herself, Avery totally understands the importance of helping and offering needed exposure and opportunities that are very difficult even for talented people to simply get on their own. We think that it is fair to say that the ISC continues to serve their entrants with some of the most prestigious panel of judges.

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