Merchant Content Program

Merchant Content Program
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Price: $19.95
Product ID : merchant_content_program
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Artists, Bands, Record Labels! Sell your music here at Jazz Monthly! Get Paid for your music Now!
Upload your master and artwork, or mail us 5 copies of your CD or vinyl record (1 copy if you only want to sell digital downloads). We digitize the music and artwork and keep your 5 copies in stock, ready to ship whenever a purchase occurs.  Whenever you have a sale (digital or physical) we add that money to your balance. For each DOWNLOAD/CD we purchase from you, we will pay you 50% of our suggested retail list price for the DOWNLOAD/CD. You will receive an e-mail every time someone purchases your product!
Merchant Agreement

SET-UP is just $19.95 per album, $3.95 for a single. SET UP Charges FREE if you already have mp3's.