Andrew-Heller - Sinatra All The WayDiamonDisc Records announces the release of Andrew Heller’s latest recording

Sinatra All The Way

 Following the success of Andrew Heller’s first Sinatra album, Sinatra My Way, comes the quintessential classic jazz recording, Sinatra All The Way. Produced by Ray Barnette, Sinatra All the Way was recorded in Nashville, with the Nelson Riddle Orchestra conducted by the legendary arranger’s son, Christopher Riddle and John Mills of the University of Texas at Austin. Using the latest recording technology, the audio quality showcases these arrangements so that they can be heard as Nelson Riddle envisioned them with each instrument “tweaked” to perfection.

The album features classic tunes complimented by the rich sound of a full orchestra that serves as the perfect backdrop for Heller’s tenor voice and playful interpretations of each memorable song. Heller brings the songs of the Great American Songbook to life as never heard before, harkening back to the golden era when ‘the Voice’ and

orchestral interplay became one. The Associated Press says, “Heller shines on All the Way.”

On All the Way

"Andrew really rose to the challenge of making these classic songs his own. His performances combined with the opportunity to record the Nelson Riddle Orchestra made for a truly great experience and an album that I'm proud to have been involved with.” – Ray Barnette

“Playing the incredible arrangements of Nelson Riddle in that big beautiful Nashville studio

with all the great musicians was a rare opportunity to experience recording at its best.” – Michael Mordecai

“My task was to study the classic Frank Sinatra recordings featuring Nelson Riddle's exquisite arrangements to capture all the nuances of Nelson Riddle's masterpieces. It was a genuine privilege to be able to re-experience these great song renditions exactly as they were first recorded -- on a large soundstage, with the singer, rhythm section, brass, reeds and strings all performing and "going to tape" live together. Instead of piecing the music together from a series of "overdubs," as is the norm these days, we all had the pleasure of recording these songs as an organic whole. I believe you can hear - and feel - that special chemistry on this new vinyl.”

– John Mills

AUSTIN, TEXAS. June 15, 2017; Source: Grass Roots Movements Marketing

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