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Smitty:  Yeah. So that fans in the U.S. and around the world can catch up on what you’re doing and what you’re going to be doing in the future and some history, give me your Web site.

SM:  My Web site is

Smitty:  All right, very cool, so your fans as well as others can log on and get the whole 411 on Sophie Milman.

SM:  The 411.

Smitty:  Sophie, it has been such a pleasure to talk with you.

SM:  Thank you so much Smitty.

Smitty:  Yeah, and to listen to this great record. I think this record fits every occasion, it has such a warm feel, and it’s got that sophisticated vibe, and it’s got that sort of breaking out vibe to it, and it’s just got so many diverse layers of music, and I just love this record.

SM:  Good for you. Thank you, it means so much. And that’s how I tried to make it, because it was my first effort and I didn’t really know what I sounded like, and it was my first time in the studio. I just wanted to take my favorite songs, the favorites that they are, and to show people all my influences, and I think it was a wise choice because really a lot of people have connected to it, so I really appreciate you saying that.

Smitty:  You’re so welcome.  Let’s get this right, your label is Linus right.

SM:  Yeah, my label in Canada here is Linus Entertainment. And in Canada we’re distributed by Universal and in the States by Koch and in Japan by JVC.

Smitty:  Very cool, wow.

SM:  Yeah.

Smitty:  So you’ve got the world captured by your great voice.

SM:  (Laughing.)  You know it, we’re taking over.  I’m spreading my tentacles!

Smitty:  (Both laughing.)  Very cool. Well, Sophie, I look forward to seeing you in The States very soon and I’ll swing up to Canada and catch a show.

SM:  I would love to see you.

Smitty:  Yes indeed.  In fact, I have a friend up there I need to visit anyway in Toronto, so I’ll get up there and I will catch a show and we’ll talk some more about this great record, huh?

SM:  Yeah, I’d love that.  Thank you so much, Smitty.

Smitty:  You’re so welcome. We’ve been talking with the lovely and so talented Ms Sophie Milman.  She has a great new project, her debut released, self-titled. I highly recommend this wonderful project. Sophie, once again, please let’s talk some more and keep making great music, my friend.

SM:  Thank you so much, Smitty. 


Baldwin “Smitty” Smith