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RED123 – Folk Song

Stephen Bryant’s long awaited debut album “Folk Song” is here, and he and his musical colleagues have really aced it-- and by anybody’s judgement.  “Folk Song” is a rich, multi-dimensional “extended play record” released as RED 123.  This collection of tunes, written by guitarist/leader Steve Bryant, is a musical “tapestry” of feelings, emotions, expressions, desires, [...]

GRACE BRANCALE – Superhuman Vol. 2

If “The Father of Invention,” Thomas Edison had Grace Brancale’s energy and drive, he probably would have had about 5,000 inventions instead of the mere 1,093 patents that he actually had! Grace Brancale is an untiring, global artist whose output of creativity is astounding and seemingly inexhaustible! Calling Ms. Brancale a “busy” artist is not [...]

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