Milford Graves obituary | Jazz

Drumming is a matter of doing several different and difficult things at the same time, and Milford Graves, who has died aged 79, extended that agility to just about everything he did in his polymathic life. To the jazz world, Graves was the percussion trailblazer who had played popular Latin-jazz and accompanied the South African [...]

Anita Baker: Rapture | Review

Quiet storm, a Black radio format that developed in the late-’70s around pebble-smooth R&B balladry, is one of the rare subgenre names that suggests the ideal context for itself. Play “Choosey Lover” by the Isley Brothers or even Smokey Robinson’s original “Quiet Storm.” Notice how the skies in those songs are bruised with dark purple [...]

New Stages for the Yale Undergraduate Jazz Collective Emily Tian

It’s been an intensely productive year for the Yale Undergraduate Jazz Collective, despite all pandemic-era expectations to the contrary. First, when the pandemic suddenly felled plans for the YUJC’s annual jazz festival, student musicians put together a virtual artist relief concert for the New Haven Art Council’s Creative Sector Relief Fund. Instead of full-capacity concerts [...]

SULTANS OF STRING take their Global Grooves & Goodwill to hearts and homes with their FOOD BANK LIVESTREAM FUNDRAISING CONCERT!

Sultans of String are celebrating with a multimedia Livestream with their amazing collaborators, with live performances, guest appearances, spoken word, conversation and video exclusives by Sultans of String along with these incredible collaborators: • Ahmed Moneka • Amir Amiri  • Anh Phung • Anwar Khurshid  • Donné Roberts • Dr. Duke Redbird  • [...]

Getz and Gary: Stan and Burton – An Unusual Combination

"I had been playing to impress other musicians, which is very common among young players... It was through Stan that I discovered who you're really supposed to be playing for. He changed my whole outlook." - Gary Burton, vibraphonist who played with Getz from 1964-1966 “One of the most concisely accurate appraisals of Stan Getz [...]

The Clarinet, Bebop and Buddy DeFranco

From "king" of the swing instruments, the clarinet was not well suited to bebop, due to its temperamental nature. - NPR Obituary on Buddy DeFranco As a fan of both periods or eras, I’ve always wondered why the clarinet, which was such a dominant instrument during the Swing Era - think Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw [...]

Dan Terry – The Swinginest Dance Band

These days, if you are looking for big band Jazz, more than likely you don’t have to look any farther than your local community college or four year university. It seems they all have a Jazz program made up of contingent individual courses that coalescence into a larger performing ensemble. In addition to degreed music [...]

Opera and jazz fans among ‘happiest’ of music genres, study finds

Pictured: US jazz saxophonist Lakecia Benjamin / Mexican tenor Javier Camarena. Picture: Getty By Maddy Shaw Roberts A study claims to have identified the ‘happiest’ music fans – and up top, are jazz lovers. Opera and jazz fans are among the ‘happiest’ of music genres, new research has claimed. For the study, two million Reddit [...]

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