Learning A Thing Or Two About Jazz With Lecturer Vincent Chandler

Southfield (CW50) – Vincent Chandler is native Detroiter, who was a protégé in Detroit’s jazz scene during one of jazz music’s peaks in the city. He studied under some of Detroit’s most influential jazz musicians and is now passing on what he has learned as a lecturer in jazz studies, trombone, at Wayne State University. [...]

Porch jazz sessions bring dancing to Kerrytown

Ann Arbor is never entirely quiet. But of the many sounds you hear drifting through the city, those of a band with a bossa nova feel often aren’t among them. And yet, on a slightly chilly Saturday afternoon, a group of around 40 people and I found ourselves masked up and spread out, sprawled all [...]

Student Musicians Explore the Recording Process

This process transcends rehearsing and recording to the level of distributing music on a broad scale. These musicians can share their work with family, friends, and potential colleagues beyond inviting them to attend an event. Harms’ personal favorite part of buying an album has always been flipping through the album booklet to glimpse what life [...]

Music Moves Presents the Fayetteville Jazz Festival

Music Moves presents the third annual Fayetteville Jazz Festival on April 23, 24 and 25. The University of Arkansas Community Music School, Institute for Creative Music, and Fayetteville Public Library will host festival events throughout the weekend. Featured guest artists include saxophonist Alexa Tarantino (Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, Cecile McLorin Salvant [...]

Philadelphia Women in Jazz: Continuing a Legacy of Inspiration and Mentorship

Jazz has featured women contributors from its inception. Yet beyond vocalists, female composers and instrumentalists are disturbingly underrepresented across the genre. However, as society evolves, outdated stereotypes are being challenged as more women in music take leadership roles—both on and off the stage. For Women's History Month, we asked women on the Philadelphia jazz scene [...]

Queen City Jazz Band set to perform in Colby

Back to Western Plains Arts Association is Queen City Jazz Band. The traditional jazz band was founded in Denver more than 60 years ago, and is recognized across the nation for playing outstanding traditional, Dixieland, gospel and spiritual music.  The group has also toured widely across Europe. Colby High School will host Queen City Jazz [...]

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