AVAILABLE NOW: Yohan Giaume | “Whisper of a Shadow”

AVAILABLE NOW: French Composer/Trumpeter Yohan Giaume Presents Whisper of a Shadow Opus 1, a Sonic Celebration that Traces the Musical Lineage Between Europe, Africa and America Through the Eyes of Romantic Composer Louis Moreau Gottschalk Whisper of a Shadow is a Cross Cultural Project Featuring Evan Christopher, Herlin Riley, Nicholas Payton, Roland Guerin, Aaron Diehl, and More Whisper of [...]

Lunar Octet | “Convergence” | Available May 7th via Summit Records

Lunar Octet Re-Emerges with First Album in 26 Years Ann Arbor Ensemble Blends Latin Jazz, Afrobeat, Samba and Funk on Convergence A decades-long institution in Ann Arbor, home of the University of Michigan, and also the nearby Metro Detroit area, the Lunar Octet is back with a potent collection of originals inspired by such wide-ranging influences as mambo, samba, [...]

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