KENNEY POLSON – Colors of Brazil

Born in Kansas City and now based in the Pacific Northwest, veteran jazz saxophonist Kenney Polson is a true musical citizen of the world, having visited and/or performed in over 50 countries (including tours of Japan, Korea, Hawaii, France, Colombia, Brazil and the Caribbean) and developing a cosmopolitan style that fuses urban contemporary jazz, Latin, classical, [...]


One of the most interesting aspects of checking out new artists making waves on the contemporary jazz scene is realizing that in many cases, they've been with us all along. So as we allow ourselves to be seduced by and groove along to Kevin Stevenson's infectious new single "Talk to Me," we can read up [...]

DUFFMUSIQ – Sidewalk Sequel – Review

Engaging in the most basic online research, we learn some fascinating things about veteran guitarist Duffmusiq as we listen, dance, bop, sway, chill and groove along to the multitude of funky/bluesy/jazzy old-schooling vibes on his nonstop poppin’ sophomore album Sidewalk Sequel. Most notable is this: After 15 years of playing in a successful band (Jamesking), producing [...]

GRACE BRANCALE – Superhuman Vol. 2

If “The Father of Invention,” Thomas Edison had Grace Brancale’s energy and drive, he probably would have had about 5,000 inventions instead of the mere 1,093 patents that he actually had! Grace Brancale is an untiring, global artist whose output of creativity is astounding and seemingly inexhaustible! Calling Ms. Brancale a “busy” artist is not [...]

Melanie Charles is out to ‘make jazz fun again’

Jazz skeptics may have never heard Alice Coltrane and Pharaoh Sanders trade trippy harp and saxophone licks on “Journey in Satchidananda,” but they probably conjure something akin to the song’s avant-garde experimentation when imagining jazz. To those unfamiliar with swing or boogie woogie or Latin jazz, the whole genre has been dismissed as esoteric and [...]

Nomadim – ‘Nomadim’

Nomadim – Nomadim (Unit Records. CD review by Jane Mann) Nomadim is the first album from a young Switzerland-based trio of the same name. Nomadim were originally the Marc Crofts Trio but decided to change their name to reflect their musical style which they call “nomadic jazz with a classical tinge”. Leader and composer Marc [...]

Jeff Williams: Live At The London Jazz Festival – Road Tales

If there is one thing that jazz fans are probably missing most of all during the current pandemic, it is the ability to go out and listen to live music. I am hoping that well before the end of the current year, we will all be able to channel our new-found “vaccine fuelled” enthusiasm into [...]

Jeremy Pelt: Griot – This Is Important! review – a jazz album for everyone

Jeremy Pelt, a trumpet virtuoso who could have dropped without blinking into classic 1960s Blue Note sessions cut years before he was born, has interlaced his familiar mix of agile contemporary bop and elegant ballads with spoken-word passages on African American jazz life, edited from his own interviews with musicians across the generations. Pelt’s inspiration [...]

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