JAKARTA, Indonesia,  Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia (SMEI) introduces new "Extended Play" (EP) from Indonesia's jazz prodigy Ardhito Pramono, "Craziest Thing Happened in My Backyard" (CTHIMB). His latest work was inspired by the movies "Midsommar" and South Korea's "Parasite", portraying Ardhito's deepest and darkest experiences in a smooth jazz music that resembles a happy place.

Consisting of five tracks written by Ardhito himself, he explored the Elvis Presley's rockabilly genre to the first track, "Trash Talkin'", and the soft rhythm of bossa nova to his four tracks, "925", "Here We Go Again/Fanboi", "Plaza Avenue", and "Happy".

"Ardhito's musicality has captured the global attention and his songs have aired in South Korea and the United States. He recently gained huge exposure for having had one of its songs, "Here We Go Again/Fanboi," included in K-pop superstar's, V BTS. One of his songs from the previous album, 'Fine Today', was played on the US' KCRW radio, in a program curated by popular US DJ, Chris Douridas," said Muhammad Soufan, General Manager SMEI.

To reach a global audience, "CTHIMB" EP was released in three different audio versions: original, mono live version, and stereo live version. For viewing, fans can experience the romance of a vintage in the mono live session. South Korean audiences can also enjoy the lyrics video as they are completed with Korean subtitles on Music Lens' Youtube Channel.

"CTHIMB" features five music videos directed by Ivan Saputra Alam from Athea Visuals. Shot in Sydney, Australia, these visually pleasing music videos are currently available on Ardhito Pramono's Youtube channel for viewers to enjoy.

"CTHIMB' is a musical and visual artwork that complements one another. I am delighted with this EP and am grateful for all the people involved. The best work I have made so far," said Ardhito, the Best Vocal Jazz Artist of Anugerah Musik Indonesia (AMI) Awards 2019 and Best Newcomer Actor of Indonesia Movie Actors (IMA) Awards 2020.

SOURCE  https://www.sonymusic.com/