Miss-B's-ClassroomMiss B's Classroom

First single from the forthcoming album "Sounds Cool Volume 2"
Release Date September 28, 2018

"Miss B's Classroom" is an ode to education. I am from a family of Teachers. I also have a close friend who teaches and she asked me to record a 20-30minute mix of jazz and jazzy music for a poetry slam that was produced and performed by her students. To both of our surprise and delight, she told me that her students really enjoyed the jazz music and that it set the perfect tone for their class poetry slam.

So while recording tracks for the new project...I came across this line from an older song that I had produced some years ago that featured the brilliant artist Oddisee and in it he raps "Scheme slash procedure...we gon' teach the youth cuz we dream past the teachers".

I thought...what great line to #Salute the educators who work hard to teach their students as much as they know and as much as they can while also encouraging their students to go further and beyond and continue to learn after school and throughout life.

Adding my great friend Marqueal Jordan to the mix was a no brainer and adding one of my former dj students from my time teaching dejaying at Columbia College Chicago, DJ Silent Hype, was a perfect artistic statement to co-sign the message in the song..."teach the youth to dream past the teachers."
I hope that by including DJ Silent Hype that I inspire her and encourage her to progress and continue to succeed in her dj career. And I hope that you and your listeners enjoy the music.