Americana blues band Rosedale Junction preserves the idea of the album format and what it represents — a time when you could drop a needle on an LP and listen from beginning to end. Their debut album, Stompin’ On The Front Porch, harks back to how blues started. “With folks gathered around the front porch of a house listening to a guitar player strumming or playing bottle neck and singing a story,” multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Toby Soriero explains. Continuing, “In many cases, the music and social interaction (likely with the assistance of some adult beverages) would lead to dancing or as some might call it, stompin’.”

The 13 roots-based tracks that comprise Stompin’ on the Front Porch include seven originals, four distinctive covers, and two outtakes. Guest musicians featured are John Lee Sanders (solo artist),  Joel Jorgensen (solo artist), Rachel Gavaletz (solo artist), Roger Smith (Tower of Power), Jim Riley (Rascal Flatts), Vito Gutilla (solo artist) and others.

From Rosedale Junction’s new album is today’s exclusive premiere of the video for “The Blizzard of ’73,” animated by Scuba Steve. Based on a real snowstorm that hit the southeast United States stranding thousands of winter vacation travelers, the song is a little bit country, a little bit bluegrass and a whole lotta foot tappin’ Western swing. Toby provides the guitar, bass, Resonator, banjo, mandolin, and handclaps.

Of the song/video, Toby tells us:

“The Blizzard of ’73″ is based on my experience as a kid when my family headed to Disney World in an RV over February school vacation. I took a little artistic license to make the lyrics work and changed my older brother into my old dog Big Joe (which I’m sure he appreciated), but most of the events and characters referenced were real.  Although, unlike the last scene in the video, I didn’t go AWOL on my family in South Beach as part of a mid-life crisis. (Laughs)