Falkor Ensemble - Green MilleniumFalkor Ensemble

8 Green Millennium

Falkor Ensemble (formed in 2016, Israel) blends together the worlds of modern jazz, free and abstract music and ‘60s psychedelic sounds to create a unique sound, dark and atmospheric, aimed at giving you the strongest emotional experience

Since the band’s formation, Falkor Ensemble has played dozens of shows in Israel at virtually every known jazz club in the country and has recently recorded a debut EP. 

The ensemble’s original music strives at constantly broadening the music’s boundaries. The ensemble performs in an open way, evolving all players in the musical conversation, bringing each piece of music to its climax and then breaking it apart. The influences include many of the renowned jazz artists like Keith Jarrett, Ralph Towner, Kenny Wheeler and John Abercrombie, as well as Satie and King Crimson. 

Falkor EnsembleThe band continues to maintain busy schedule by playing as much live shows as possible and working constantly on new directions and materials. A full album recording is scheduled in 2017, while efforts are made currently to find a way into the European music market.

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