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Funkee Boy

Funkee_boy_cover.jpgSo many times an artist will put out a “companion” video with his or her song almost as… well, as an “afterthought.” The video is often just a gratuitous “secondary” project, leaving the viewer scratching his head wondering what the connection is between what he is HEARING, and what he is SEEING! This is so “not the case” with Funkee Boy’s latest track “NEW DAY” and his inspiring companion video! “New Day” by Smooth Jazz keyboardist Funkee Boy features renowned saxophonist Najee and is a pensive tone poem from his latest CD “PHILOSOULPHY.” In this wordplay, of course the emphasis is on the word “SOUL”, but the word “PHILO” is also pertinent here, because it means having a strong affinity for-- or “loving.”

Those words certainly describe both Funkee Boy’s tune and his video! There is a lot of love here, and you sense that Funkee Boy, Najee, and everyone connected with this musical and humanitarian offering gave us their musical and emotional ALL. From the very beginning where Funkee Boy is packing his bags to leave on his journey, to the very end, you get a feeling that Funkee Boy truly cares about the people who are in his video, and wants what’s best for them. I found myself getting lost in the picturesque village- complete with their classrooms, children, waterfalls, colors, rocks, greenery and “real” not “staged” faces of the natives. Only a very sensitive artist like Funkee Boy would want to capture and reveal all of this raw emotion to his fans.

There is one scene that shows simply hand washed cloths on a clothesline. That scene along with the tune together, is a poignant “backdrop” of an innocence and humanity that you do not often find in a video today. “New Day” is certainly a catchy tune- no doubt about it; but it is so much more. Listening to the CD is definitely worthwhile, for it’s a great piece of music, but we urge you to enjoy the video along with it too. Here--- “one plus one” equals much more than just “two!”

The band, on “NEW DAY” as always, grooves together so well, and Funkee Boy and Najee performing together are thrillingly precise! In the video you will see a sign that is a true slice of life. It says: “Guests to Harambe are please requested to be mindful of local customs.” Funkee Boy WAS “mindful,” yes--- but also… “HEARTFUL.

Joe Caroselli