GunToMyHead-CoverIn 2015, Gideon King & City Blog(GKCB) released a full length CD, City Blog. The music was met with wide critical acclaim, with the Huffington Post calling King a "musical genius." Having worked for years in establishing a reputation as a rising force in the New York Jazz scene, King has worked with John Scofield and members of Steely Dan and many other musical giants. GKCB will be releasing their newest album Upscale Madhouse in March of 2018 and studio reports suggest that if anything the work is even more refined, abstract, and compelling than in the first release. GKCB is excited to announce that as a part of their evolution and in responding to demand they will at long last be delivering live performances, which promise to be a fascinating mix of rock, jazz, fusion, and funk. The first few shows have been packed-house affairs and extremely well received.


These are musicians ON THE RECORD: Conrad Sewell, Elliott Skinner, Marc Broussard, John Scofield, Donny Mccaslin, Carolyn Leonhart, Brendan Fletcher, Grace Weber, James Genus, Kate Kelsey Sugg

Styles: jazz rock, easy listening, soft rock

For fans of Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan, and Earth, Wind, and Fire, Gideon King & City Blog deliver stunningly intricate harmonies and emotive song-writing throughout the rest of the album.

"This song is about L.A. and New York and how when the rubber meets the road, I'll take NYC. It's about writing music against the backdrop of both of these towns. This song also speaks to the idea that trying to make it alone in life is a fool's errand. Also, there was this weird serial killer in L.A. that frightened me. He is in the tune too. Hope you like the song!"