If “The Father of Invention,” Thomas Edison had Grace Brancale’s energy and drive, he probably would have had about 5,000 inventions instead of the mere 1,093 patents that he actually had!

Grace Brancale - Superhuman Vol 2Grace Brancale is an untiring, global artist whose output of creativity is astounding and seemingly inexhaustible! Calling Ms. Brancale a “busy” artist is not only an insufficient description, but also a huge understatement, for this global musical force has released about 26 albums in less than 4 years! In fact, Guinness World Records has welcomed her to attempt at a World Record! However, it is not just quantity that is important to Brancale… but also “quality.”

This multi-instrumentalist/composer is both classically trained on some instruments and completely self-taught on others. What her legions of fans across 196 countries innately sense and truly love about Grace is her urgent desire and need to share something personal with them---her devoted public--- that is deep inside of her… speaking her music through her compositions is truly her story.

Her latest album “SUPERHUMAN Vol. 2” invites you to surrender to Ms. Brancale’s ethereal offerings on this splendid new collection. The opener “Super Hero” presents many different expressions over a strong, solid rhythmic bed. Grace introduces a new emotion frequently as her composition moves along and unfolds. “Magnetic” is aptly titled in that it seems to “pick up” and “pull” and “attract” varied sentiments along the way.  A type of heartbeat rhythmic groove kicks off “Intuition.” There is a real contemplative feeling to this one that is quite pleasing. Grace really paints a vivid word picture on “Impervious.” It is one of power and strength. The pulse here is a “head-held-high” fearlessness under a very catchy recurring synthesizer melody. Then there is “Take the High Road” with an appealing surprise taking the lead melody here. It’s a “whistly” flute sound which makes one feel as if they were traveling down Grace’s “road” in a leisurely stroll. “Hunger For Freedom” expresses an inner yearning expressed by Brancale’s horn bursts over one of the funkiest grooves on this album. Grace surprises us again with her vast creativity on her “Glamorous” with her rhythmic “clicks” strategically placed throughout the tune.

“SUPERHUMAN Vol.2” reveals and lovingly demonstrates what a true “empath” Grace Brancale is.  In 10 tracks, she is able to manifest 10 completely different characteristics and traits!  This is what also keeps us wanting to hear more of her work, and why listeners from 196 countries keep rooting for her and wishing her great success.


Joe Caroselli 

Feature Review