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Feature Interviews

  • Tony Saunders Interview

TONY SAUNDERS – Feature Interview

"Jazz Monthly Feature Interview" TONY SAUNDERS Tony Saunders’ life story could be the script to a hit movie.  Son of legendary keyboardist and composer Merl Saunders, Tony’s life has been a musical adventure.  As a child he was taught piano by Herbie Hancock, and for his tenth birthday he was given an electric organ ​​from Sly Stone. After the recent success of "Uptown Jazz," which received [...]

  • B Christopher Feature Interview

B. CHRISTOPHER – Feature Interview

"Jazz Monthly Feature Interview" B. CHRISTOPHER B. Christopher, like most composers, is not a household name. However, if you own a television, you have probably heard his music. With over 3,000 placements annually, on virtually every channel, it would be difficult not to hear his work. His new release, [...]

More Interviews

  • International Songwriting Competition


"Jazz Monthly Feature Interview" SHANE WHALEN International Songwriting Competition The International Songwriting Competition (ISC) is an annual song contest whose mission is to provide the opportunity for both aspiring [...]

  • Dave Wilkes


"Jazz Monthly Feature Interview" DAVE WILKES When Jazz Monthly last interviewed music industry veteran David Wilkes, he was midway through his eight year tenure (2002-2010) as Vice President of A&R (Artists [...]

  • Jim Bruce - Blues Guitar


"Jazz Monthly Feature Interview" JIM BRUCE Well, if you love multi-rhythmic fingerpicking blues guitar, coming from one man but sounds like three, you will really appreciate the ability of our [...]

  • Larry Rosen Feature Interview


"Jazz Monthly Feature Interview" LARRY ROSEN Thirty years ago, renowned jazz musicians, producers and entrepreneurs Larry Rosen and Dave Grusin made music history as co-founders of GRP Records. The groundbreaking jazz label became known [...]

  • George Benson tribute to Nat King Cole

GEORGE BENSON – Tribute To Nat King Cole

Nearly half a century after recording his debut album The New Boss Guitar of George Benson, the legendary, 10-time Grammy winning guitarist and vocalist at last pays homage to [...]


A renowned Jazz and classical trumpeter, a brilliant pianist, a stellar composer and arranger – a fine vocalist in his own right, a bandleader, and a tenured university professor of [...]


Our guest here today is Andy Wasserman, a gifted composer, arranger, musician who has received exceptional reviews by critics and the Jazz world alike, has truly arrived and can [...]

JUMAANE SMITH – I Only Have Eyes For You

From traveling the world with Michael Bublé to playing the Grammy Awards show with Stevie Wonder and the Jonas Brothers, Jumaane Smith has collaborated with the best of the best… Quincy [...]


 "Jazz Monthly Feature Interview" Carmen Lundy Since launching her career in New York with the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra in the late 70s, Miami born vocalist and songwriter [...]


Richard Leo Johnson is a true pioneer in acoustic guitar.  A passionate and spontaneous player, he is often compared to such masters as Bruce Cockburn, John Fahey, Michael Hedges, Burt Jansch, Adrian [...]


Ask any 100 contemporary jazz trumpeters to name their chief influences, and it’s a good bet over 90 will mention the same two legendary words: Miles Davis. Dennis Angel, [...]

FREDA PAYNE – Come Back To Me Love

While Freda Payne will always be associated with “Band of Gold,” the million selling 1970 hit single that established her as a major R&B/pop star, the Detroit born and [...]

GREG CHAMBERS – Can’t Help Myself

  Multi-instrumentalist Greg Chambers is a classical woodwind performer and instructor who is also highly versed in contemporary jazz. San Francisco Bay based Chambers plays various saxophones, flute, and keyboards. He [...]

  • Molly Ringwald


"Jazz Monthly Feature Interview" MOLLY RINGWALD In the midst of a recent performance before a packed house at the Los Angeles club Rockwell celebrating the release of her debut jazz [...]

Spencer Day – Interview feature interview SPENCER DAY Spencer Day’s emergence on the Billboard jazz charts with his 2009 Concord Records debut Vagabond reflects the expansive boundaries of the genre. Incorporating classic [...]

Steve Tyrell Feature Interview STEVE TYRELL Steve Tyrell conducted this interview from his room at the Carlyle Hotel in New York City, where he was staying during his nearly two [...]

“Jazz Monthly Feature Interview” Gordon James feature interview Gordon James Jazz Monthly: Our guest here today here at has recorded four highly acclaimed CD’s, and while the first three have received really excellent [...]

Rob Paparozzi – Feature Interview feature interview ROB PAPAROZZI Jazz Monthly: From the category of “What the Heck Took You So Long?” We here at Jazz Monthly.Com are so happy to announce that [...]

  • Jimmy Sommers - Interview -

Jimmy Sommers – Interview Feature interview Jimmy Sommers Jazz Monthly: We here at are delighted to be chatting with a favorite of ours and we know a favorite of yours for [...]

La Tanya Hall – Feature Interview

"Jazz Feature Interview" La Tanya Hall Jazz Monthly:   Just when you thought you’ve heard the zenith of classic voice and renditions, along comes my next guest here [...]

Jane Monheit – The Lovers, the Dreamers & Me

"Jazz Feature Interview" Jane Monheit Jazz Monthly:   It is my ultimate pleasure to finally welcome to an incredible singer.  It seems she never takes a night [...]

“Jazz Feature Interview” Justin Vasquez Feature Interview JUSTIN VASQUEZ Jazz Monthly: Our guest at is a young man in his twenties who it seems that musically has come “full circle.” By that [...]

“Jazz Monthly Feature Interview” Mat Marucci Feature Interview Mat Marucci Jazz Monthly: Well, it is our extreme delight to welcome to Jazz a multi faceted artist. You know they throw that word around [...]

  • Forever, For Always, For Luther Volume II - Patti Austin

PATTI AUSTIN – For Ever, For Always, For Luther

"Jazz Monthly Feature Interview" PATTI AUSTIN Jazz Monthly:  Well, I am so happy to have a wonderful singer and songwriter joining us at Jazz today.  She possesses the effulgence of [...]

  • Keiko Matsui - Moyo - Feature Interview -


"Jazz Monthly Feature Interview" KEIKO MATSUI  Keiko Matsui clearly defines the description of an international artist.  Her music is definitely on another level in terms of inspiration, intensity, and overwhelming [...]