Detroit musician Jake Bass has produced music for Eminem, and worked with talent like Ludacris and LL Cool J. Now he’s got his own new album out called The Jakey B. LP, which he showed off on Music Monday.

Bass said that this record was a passion project for him, and that he worked on it for three or four years.

He started with working with Dave McMurray, a legendary Detroit saxophone player. Bass said he grew up watching McMurray record his first jazz project at his dad’s studio on 8 mile.

“It was just pure fun in the studio, and it ended up an album,” he said.

Bass plays a wide variety of instruments, including the guitar, drums, bass, piano, and percussion, all by ear.

Jake Bass performed Cookin’ It Up ft. Dave McMurray off his new album.

To hear him perform, and for more on where to find Jake Bass’ music, watch the video below.

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