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Brett Byars - Director

Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Electric Guitar, Percussion, Contemporary, Improvisation, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Theory

All Levels

Born into a family of musicians, in Birmingham, Alabama, music was the only life Brett Byars ever knew.  He picked up his first pair of sticks at the tender age of eight and he hasn’t put them down since.  In the seventh grade he remembers playing the Edgar Winter’s Group’s “Frankenstein” in the school talent show.  Brett recalls, “The crowd went wild, I received a standing ovation, and won the contest that day.  That energy and emotion is unexplainable and I knew this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.” He was unequaled at his craft and went on to play in the high school jazz band while still in the seventh grade.  No one ever doubted he had a gift.  He auditioned and made All-District and All-State bands and received various other accolades throughout his high school career.

From Las Vegas to China, from Funk to Blues he has played it all.  To musicians he is reliable, to artists he has charisma, to producers he’s a walking metronome, to friends he’s hilarious, and to family he’s all heart.  The combination of these characteristics makes Brett Byars not only a one of a kind musician, but more importantly a rare and quality person.
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1684 Rex Lake Rd, Leeds, AL 35094