Kay Collins

Piano, Classical, Contemporary, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Theory

In 1998 I started teaching part-time in Fort Collins, than expanded to full-time for many years with 40-45 students per week.  I have taught students from 4 to 70 years of age, from beginners to advanced and including some with special needs where adaptations were required.  I have also worked with many multi-family members throughout the years.

I enjoy teaching all types of music from classical to jazz, popular, blues and more.  Although basics are the key, it's also important to find those special songs or types of music that "speaks" to the student.  It helps when they can have some emotional attachment to songs along with the basics of learning how to play the piano.  It's fun to see how excited a student can be when they love playing a special piece.

I grew up in a home full of music.  My mother was a singer, taught voice lessons in our home and developed school choir programs.  As my choir teacher, she offered me opportunity to play piano for the choir events and her personal performances.  Also, I was a drummer in the band, sang in choirs, musical events, and an A Cappella quartet.  I studied piano lessons from age of 5 to 18.  In my middle years my parents drove 45 miles each way to my piano lessons.  Some dedication!!  In high school I had even more extensive training with a teacher from Juilliard School of Performing Arts and the President of Interlochen Center for the Arts in Michigan.  As an adult I took lessons from Colorado State University School of Music in Fort Collins.  It was at this point that I decided to actually teach lessons.  It has been one of the most rewarding decisions that I have made.   My love of teaching piano lessons has greatly blessed me through developing wonderful relationships with my students, helping them to expand their gifts, talents, and abilities plus encouraging them to excel to the highest level desired.  Many students have excelled further in the music world as professionals, teachers, directors, plus writing and playing their own compositions.  All others I trust still love to play music at the piano!!


5151 Boardwalk Drive
Fort Collins CO 80525