GREG CHAMBERS, Can't Help Myself


Jonathan Widran
  Joe Caroselli

Greg ChambersNo doubt about it, saxophonist Greg Chambers is a perfectionist. He sets very high standards for his work. Proof of this is listening to his latest record “Can’t Help Myself!” Greg’s last two albums hit big on the music charts, and I predict that his latest album will also win the high approval of critics and fans alike. An accomplished classical saxophonist and instructor, Chambers has proven that he can also write, groove, and lay down some very appealing tracks as a contemporary Jazz artist. He is truly a resourceful and multitalented musician/arranger.

When you have eminent people as part of your team, you kind of feel that you are in for something really good. Start off with Nate Harasim and Matt Godina as your producers, and add to that the esteemed guest talents of bassist Julian Vaughn, guitarist Paul Brown, Nils and Nate Harasim on guitar and keys respectively. So, it just figures that “Can’t Help Myself” will offer a treasure of music!

The title track, “Can’t Help Myself” is an instantly catchy opening penned by Chambers and Harasim. Julian Vaughn’s impactful bass on “In the Moment” adds a fresh creative treat. “So Into You” and “Off the Cuff” both show how musically generous Chambers is as a leader; he allows his musicians to add their own identity…their own spice… this makes for a rewarding experience for everyone.

Borrowing a word from K-Ci and Jo Jo’s hit “All My Life,” it would be hard to find a cover version of their song that’s “sweeter” than Chambers’ version here! Jalen Seawright has the right approach vocally, and of course Greg and Nate are their usual tasteful selves.

Paul Brown’s always impressive guitar sets up and supports a horn fortified Chambers/Godina tune-- “It’s On.”

Greg Chambers’ very likeable, warm, free-flowing sax style, along with a great supporting cast of producers, arrangers, musicians, and vocalists make this new project “Can’t Help Myself” quite rewarding for him…and for his listeners.

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- Joe Caroselli