JazzAscona 2021
scheduled from June 24, to July 3!


After last year's unavoidable postponement, JazzAscona will be back this summer and fill the pearl of Lake Maggiore with good sounds between June 24 and July 3. For the editions to come, the festival would like to increase the "unplugged" situations and involve the old town more strongly. A further goal is to strengthen the bond between Ascona and New Orleans' music and culture. In this regard, a collaboration with Adonis Rose, director of the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, has just been announced.

The main hope is of course to offer a complete festival and finally stage the fascinating programme already planned for 2020, although the definitive size and shape of the festival will eventually depend on the pandemic and its development. First of all, thanks to the support of Ascona Locarno Turismo, Ascona's Municipality and all the partners who, despite difficult times, continued to support the Festival, we're glad to announce that 2021 will be a completely free edition, for the first time in many years.

Regarding logistics, Ascona's lakeside promenade has been reconfigured since last summer to ensure greater physical distance. This new situation, with extended terraces, gives a very warm and Mediterranean touch, that will be kept in place in 2021 as well.The lakeside will of course remain the beating heart of the festival... but JazzAscona also wishes to involve the old town by creating a greater number of unplugged gigs, where musicians can perform in more intimate and spontaneous situations. The idea is also to mirror New Orleans's atmosphere, where music can be enjoyed on every street corner.

As for the musical dimension, the organisers want to offer an event that combines both great entertainment and high artistic quality, with several musical genres. Furthermore, the festival is determined to strengthen its connection to New Orleans music and culture. In this sense, JazzAscona's team is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Adonis Rose, who already performed in Ascona as director of the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra and will collaborate with Matt Zschokke (Head of Music) as "New Orleans Music & Culture Curator" over the years to come.

We are optimistic regarding the near future and look forward to filling Ascona with music again soon, but given the situation, final decisions will be taken at the end of March.


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