Southfield (CW50) – Vincent Chandler is native Detroiter, who was a protégé in Detroit’s jazz scene during one of jazz music’s peaks in the city. He studied under some of Detroit’s most influential jazz musicians and is now passing on what he has learned as a lecturer in jazz studies, trombone, at Wayne State University.

Community Connect host Jackie Paige, with Vincent Chandler, Lecturer in Jazz Studies Trombone at Wayne State University

Vincent Chandler joins Jackie Paige on Community Connect to talk about the importance of passing on the history of jazz to the next generation and how jazz music has influenced the Black community since the genre’s conception. Chandler’s instrument of choice is the trombone, which he graciously used to perform for the audience on this week’s Community Connect.

Jazz Trombonist Vincent Chandler performing (Credit: Jeff Dunn Jazz Photography)

While speaking about jazz music’s history, Chandler points out the opportunities that the popularity of jazz gave to Black musicians, as the music helped start a foundation for eroding racial prejudice and breaking down barriers. Although the fight for racial equality continues today, jazz fueled the Civil Rights Movement in a way that no one thought music could.

Vincent Chandler, Lecturer in Jazz Studies at Wayne State University, teaching a class. (Courtesy of Vincent Chandler)

Wayne State University describes Chandler as having a reputation for being a uniquely expressive trombone soloist, a versatile sideman, innovative composer and arranger, a crowd pleasing scat singer, an experienced bandleader of various group sizes and a natural teacher of beginner to advanced students. 

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