Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Nils Lofgren, known for his work with Crazy Horse and E Street Band, has announced his new album called Mountains. Slated for a July 21st release, the album will feature contributions by Ringo Starr, the late David Crosby, Cindy Mizelle, Ron Carter, the Howard Gospel Choir, and Neil Young.

Fans can get a preview of the album with the release of the first single, “Ain’t the Truth Enough” featuring Ringo Starr, out today. According to a statement, the song was “written in the wake of the January 6th insurrection and reckons with the ways that misinformation and demagoguery can tear families apart and silo us in our own realities.”

One early desert morning, strong coffee in hand, I tuned my Martin D-35 acoustic gifted to me by the great James Caan (bless you Jimmy) to an open G and said, ‘Write!’ Soon the title and main riff were coming through me… “Ain’t the truth enough!”

Lucky me! I felt I had to go deep and with the global war on women, and man’s deadly epidemic of lies and spin for money and power, I imagined a fierce, loving mother and wife dealing with a husband recently home from the insurrection.

(Cindy Mizelle added the woman’s voice with great soul and power here) I felt inspired, and a day later this special song was done. Not mean-spirited; all truth, harsh reality.

Nils Lofgren