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CD: "Samba Para a Vida"-EverJazz Records

"Be careful how you enter Latin jazz. It could change your life."

This sentiment so aptly expressed by Martin Espada could not be truer for New York based composer, songwriter, pianist, arranger, author, Professor of Music with a Ph.D. in Music Theory and Composition, Billboard-charted songwriter, lyricist, recipient of Meet the Composer Grants and multiple ASCAP awards, Richard Sorce, whose affection for Latin Jazz and Brazilian music is longstanding, and now with Samba Para a Vida, clearly demonstrates his devotion. In this brand new release, from The Richard Sorce Project, composer, pianist and arranger, Richard Sorce, along with eight members of the group, follow through on the promise of their earlier collection of Brazilian-tinged inspiration from "Closer Than Before" and bring us along on a leisurely and exotic journey to a place we've never been.

For Latin Jazz lovers this is a place where we find many of our favorite things. All About Jazz's Edward Blanco writes on 8/7/17, Samba Para a Vida, "is a delicious blend of ballads, light Bossa Novas, and sambas, all captured in a superb package of vocal and instrumental performances, resulting in one enchanting musical taste of Brazil."

"Combining some easy listening and traditional jazz influences with the powerful attraction of Samba and Bossa Nova, Sorce delivers a serene, blissful collection of midnight-on-the-beach music, a lot of it featuring Brazilian vocalist Iara Negrete who captures and captivates by singing in Portuguese" says Ronald Jackson in his 7/14/17 review of the release for The Smooth Jazz Ride. See Link: http://www.thesmoothjazzride.com/latin-fiesta/ 

Antes De Te Conhencer/  Before I Knew You

For those appreciating this Brazilian sense and sensibility, with Samba Para a Vida, Sorce firmly creates an aesthetic  all his own. The second track "Antes De Te Conhencer/  Before I Knew You" an exquisitely arranged Bosa Nova with a silky smooth melody that illuminates the lyric, creating a vision of love we hope to find with phrases like "we'll find that place no one has heard of, that place, imagined long ago." Negrete, together with Richard Sorce on piano, Mark Friedman on flute and Fred Maxwell on flugelhorn make this a place we hope to be if we are not yet already there.

Of the fifteen tracks, eight are instrumental, Ronald Jackson in his Smooth Jazz Ride column notes, "you get a good feel for Sorce's finesse and command of the piano as he sways through some tasteful tracks like the title track (Samba Para a Vida), Forever Again, Once More, Another Day in Paradise, and others that pamper and soothe if you dare to imagine yourself relaxing in Rio."

Artist Website: www.richardsorce.com

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