Nashville-based singer-songwriter/guitarist Ry Bradley has a nomadic past physically and musically, with his songs and albums traversing rock & roll, country, rockabilly, and beyond. His new live-in-studio cover of Charlie Musselwhite’s “Good Blues Tonight” goes beyond being a tribute to a true blues classic, it goes back to the core essence of the music itself.

Live and unfiltered, shot in one continuous take, Bradley leads his band through a smoking version that stays true enough to the original to make it immediately recognizable while still allowing just the right amount of tweaks and a subtle dose of improv to personalize it in his own way.

Nothing beats a live band. Whether it’s the way we did this – in one take, in the studio, or at a show, there’s something in that chemistry that can’t be bottled or recreated via technology. The people who come to see us, or any other blues band (for that matter), want the real thing, and that’s what we deliver.

Ry Bradley

There’s a vibe Bradley and his crew deliver that might best be described by the phrase ‘tight looseness;’ the music breathes and lets its hair down, but it always stays locked into that irresistible groove just enough to keep things rocking from top to bottom.