Southern California exotic jazz band, The Hilo Hi-Flyers, have released their newest single, “Let’s Go Flyin’”. Like their previous single, “The Island of My Dreams”, “Let’s Go Flyin" is written in the style of Tin Pan Alley, with steel guitarist, vocalist and band leader Kale Stiles noting, “Who doesn’t want to hop on a plane and go get drunk on the beach?” Stream the track now, here.

“Let’s Go Flyin’” will be featured on the Hilo Hi-Flyers’ new album, Adventure!, due out on May 28 via Hi-Tide Recordings. “As a jazz act, we don't just want to play hip licks and tight grooves,” shares Stiles. “Our top priority is to transport the listener, like a great soundtrack would. When people hear our record, I want them to close their eyes and imagine they are lost in the jungle, or relaxing on the beach.” Pre-order is available here:

The Hilo Hi-Flyers are an exotic jazz band based in Southern California. Their unique sound follows in the tropical tradition of Martin Denny and Arthur Lyman, while blending elements of Hot Swing and Rat Pack era Jazz. One of the band’s standout qualities is their focus on creating a vibe that transports the listener, much like that of a classic film score. This is why the use of exotic instruments is so essential. Anyone who enjoys a tropical cocktail and a sonic vacation will surely appreciate The Hilo Hi-Flyers.

The Hilo Hi-Flyers are Kale Stiles (steel guitar, woodwinds, vocals), Jeremy Burgan (bass), Gage Hulsey(guitar, shamisen) and Tyler Hunt (steelpan, percussion).

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