Elijah-Rock-CoverThe finer points of romance are a too often overlooked art...but with triple threat singer/dancer/actor Elijah Rock around, they are ever in bloom and on the rebound. Returning to the scene with his eagerly anticipated sophomore album, Matters of The Heart (due August 13), Rock slides back into the spotlight ever so smoothly with his tastefully swingin' rendition of "All I Need is the Girl" – a gentleman's classic from the 1959 Broadway show "Gypsy" (Words by Jule Styne, Music by Stephen Sondheim). It's the perfect song to spring into summer as America opens back up from 15 months of uncertainty into a reviviscence of hope eternal...and a flinty rekindling for mingling.

Attentively produced by Suzi Reynolds and the music arranged by stalwart pianist Uli Geissendoerfer, "All I Need is The Girl" additionally features Las Vegas A- listers Steve Flora on bass and Ryan Rose on drums – all in crisp service of Rock. The singer embodies the ardent protagonist of the song as if he were custom tailored for love's blissful success. The sound mix by Bran Chirlo and the warm final mastering by Alan Silverman render the listener to feel as if they are 5th row center smack dab in the cabaret!

Tradition, Style and Romance meet at the audio crossroads of Ageless & Timeless boulevards on Matters of The Heart, the 10-song sophomore recording of baritone crooner Elijah Rock who is also the album's executive producer. And it is well worth the wait. Herein, Rock continues his impassioned excavations of love's seductive soundtrack and even contributes a couple of sparkling originals to the brew. "My goal with this project, as always, is to pay homage to and further the legacy of American Classical Jazz heritage," Rock states. "To make this vital music more meaningful and universal to audiences young...and young at heart."
Cleveland-born Elijah Rock is a former boy soprano classically trained in Bel canto (beautiful singing) and now a profound baritone vocalist. His passion for true songcraft and all-around entertaining (he is also a world-class tap dancer) launched a career flight that now includes hosting his Las Vegas-based digital entertainment program "The Elijah Rock Variety Show," lighting up the screen on television's "Masters of Sex" and authoring the men's handbook "The Fine Art of Romance."

visit: elijahrock.com